'Hearthstone Descent of Dragons' Card List: 140 Cards to Shake up the Meta

The latest Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons, comes out on December 10. The 140-card set starring the scaly brutes and their comrades is the last set for 2019, ending the villainous misadventures of the League of E.V.I.L. and their heroic adversaries. The last card reveal live stream just wrapped up, finally giving players a complete look at the full set and what lies for the meta ahead.

hearthstone descent of dragons live stream
Descent of Dragons is on the way Blizzard

Here's the full card list, which can be found on the Hearthstone Facebook page or reddit page.

Right now, Shaman is kind of the card game. Thrall is the most played and dominant class, making everyone else in the Tavern feel useless or left out. It feels as if the developers are really trying to skew the meta in another direction, releasing a collection of seemingly overpowered cards that will be must-crafts for the next few years.

Some online have been comparing DoD to Kobolds and Catacombs, an expansion so despised by the Hearthstone community that its name must be spoken in hushed whispers. Voidlord, Carnivorous Cube and Corridor Creeper still cause nightmares for players who tried to climb the ladder in 2018. Though this latest expansion is still unreleased and we don't know what exactly is on the way, their fears seem somewhat founded in reality.

Here are a few of the cards in Descent of Dragons and why Hearthstone players might be feeling worried about the new release.

  • Ancharr- Pirates used to dominate the Warrior class with Patches and Dread Corsair, making the class' value ridiculous. When the one-eyed murloc was nerfed, Pirates seemed to fade into the background where they rightfully belong. This one weapon, combined with the board clear of Deathwing, Mad Aspect and Brawl, makes Pirates good again.
  • Platebreaker- Do you like all your Armor going away with just one card? Well Blizzard has the minion for you! Platebreaker nullifies the benefits of Warrior and Druid with just one card teched into a deck. Don't even think about running High Priest Thekal once this new set comes out.
  • Stowaway- Academic Espionage and Stowaway are a match made in heaven. The 4/4 stats on a five-mana minion aren't very good, but being able to draw one-cost cards that can potentially change the tide of a match is an opportunity that's too good to pass up.
  • Nether Breath- This Warlock spell might not be the flashiest, but it shows the fundamental flaws with the next expansion. If you have a dragon, you are dealing four damage to anything on the board and healing for the same amount. That's insane value for the price you are paying. Even if you don't have a dragon, you still have a slightly cruddy Darkbomb for the same cost. Warlocks don't need more clear, but this expansion sure seems to think that they do.

And here are a few cards that were revealed during the live stream:

hearthstone descent of dragons live stream
Pirates will be the kings of Hearthstone, you'll see Blizzard

Do you think Descent of Dragons will have issues,or will the meta even itself out? Tell us in the comments.