'Hearthstone' Galakrond's Awakening Best Decks: Prepare for The Aggro Hunter Meta

The Hearthstone meta hasn't been this full of viable decks in years, giving players a multitude of effective ways to play. Figuring out which deck you need to grab to climb the ladder with ease can be difficult, but thankfully, Blizzard has started sharing its own data. Senior Game Designer Dean Ayala has recently been offering insights into the meta and what decks have been popular or dominating the scene.

hearthstone decks galakrond's awakening best
I am really relating to the Toxic Reinforcements art recently Blizzard

The most interesting about this list of decks is that the most played don't have the best win rate. That does make sense since there's a larger sample size of players who rip their decks off of the internet and are playing without truly understanding how to pilot the individual cards. The decks that have the highest win rate are the simplest to control, being heavily aggro or requiring little knowledge to compete.

Standard Meta Update:

(Last Full Week, All Regions, Rank 5-Legend, Alphabetical Order)

Top 5 Population
Embiggen Druid
Galakrond Rogue
Galakrond Warrior
Highlander Hunter
Highlander Rogue

Top 5 Win-Rate:
Aggro Hunter
Combo Priest
Highlander Hunter
Mech Paladin
Quest Hunter

— August Dean Ayala (@IksarHS) January 30, 2020

For example, Aggro Hunter is a spin-off of the quintessential and classic Face Hunter that has been around since the game was in beta. Its only goal is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy before they have a chance to recover. This variant uses a few newer minions from Descent of Dragons to stack up damage and annihilate the enemy with spells. The main card you want in your opening hand is Toxic Reinforcements, which summons a whole army of Leper Gnomes. For one mana, you get to deal six mana, which is an absolute steal for the deck. Simple to learn and easy to pilot, it's a great way to climb the ladder.

Compare that with the top deck that's being played by population: Embiggen Druid. This deck is all about hoping you get the spell Embiggen early and buffing as many of your minions as possible. Having a 5/9 Emerald Explorer can be hard for a lot of decks to beat. But figuring out which minion to play at the right time isn't easy. Wasting SN1P-SN4P or Zilliax without getting value can lose you the game. It doesn't help that Aggro Hunter counters the deck pretty hard, allowing Rexxar to win before Malfurion even gets a chance to make a big board.

Here are the deck lists for the highest win-rate decks. Good luck in he next Tavern Brawl!

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