'Hearthstone' Headless Horseman Rides Tavern Brawl Guide: Scalp the Specter

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is "The Headless Horseman Rides," and it's a bit unique. Returning from last year's Hallow's End, this Brawl pits you p against an NPC Headless Horseman who wants to terminate you. Like other PVE events, this one requires luck and skill. The game is over when you deal 30 points of damage to the body of the horseman, and then 35 damage to his head. His head appears as a 2/35 minion on the board that shoots two one-point fireballs every turn.

Starting the game, you'll get to pick between three different costumes. Witches use lots of spells, Pirates use only Pirates and Cats have a full army of Beasts at their disposal. Each class has a good percentage to win, but each one plays vastly different than the last. This is the sort of Brawl that's worth to play again since you can complete Quests while also not having to deal with a human opponent that's going to wait out the timer as long as possible to annoy you. You won't Gold for completing three of these Brawls and you also need a win to get a pack.

Here are the Hero Powers and the unique card that each gets for each of the costumes:

Witch Costume : Witchcraft: If you have enough mana, your spells cost double and cast a second copy.

Mr. Bigglesworth: 0-mana 1/1

Pirate Costume: Conscript: Your minions count as Pirates.

Captain Cookie: 5-mana 0/3: Whenever you summon a Pirate while this in your hand, gain +1/+1

Cat Costume: Sense Weakness: Whenever a non-Boss enemy survives damage, summon a 1/1 Cat.

Big Bad Claws 3-mana 4/2 weapon

headless horseman
Headless Horseman is back! Reddit

The Horseman has a few Brawl specific cards that he is bringing to the fight.

Sinister Squalish : 2-mana 2/2: After this minion attacks, destroy it and deal three damage to all enemies.

Pulsing Pumpin : 3-mana 0/5: At the start of your turn, destroy this and summon two Sinister Squashlings.

Spectral Steed : 5-mana 5/6: Minions attacking this have a 50 percent chance to attack a different character.

Fear: 7-mana Spell: Destroy all enemies with four or less attack.

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