‘Hearthstone’ Kalecgos Legendary Shows ‘Rise of the Shadows’ True Power

It’s the Year of the Dragon for Hearthstone, and the Rise of Shadows expansion has finally been revealed to players what’s in store. Only one dragon has been revealed so far, and he’s quite the powerhouse. Kalecgos is a Mage Legendary that makes Malygos look like a baby lizard. He makes the first spell you cast each turn cost zero mana and also Discovers a spell you can cast right away. He’s an utter powerhouse that completely swings the momentum of a game without much effort, which makes him fun as hell to play.

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In World of Warcraft, Kalecgos is the aspect of the blue dragon, but was unsure he was ready to take on the role. You can watch a great breakdown of the lore in this video from YouTuber Krucial.

While in Los Angeles for a special Hearthstone preview event, I got to try this card out in a deck. It works exactly as you’d expect, allowing you to Flamestrike or Blizzard enemies the same turn you summon him. If you play a spell before you summon Kalecgos,  you will not be able to play a spell for no cost, but playing a spell and him on the same turn is fairly difficult. He’s the sort of dragon that will immediately give you board presence, especially if you Discover a powerful spell on the turn he is played.

Knowing when to use Kalecgos is crucial, since wasting him isn’t an option if you want to win. Keeping him around for as long as possible allows you to pull off crazy combos that wouldn’t normally be possible. My favorite was managing to get the Time Warp Quest to activate, allowing me to do two Pyroblasts in succession. He combos well with other cards in the set (though I’m not allowed to talk about those for fear of being put in Blizzard’s dungeon of embargo breakers). Mage is losing a significant amount of power when the expansion drops, with cards like Frost Lich Jaina and Vex Crow moving to Wild.

Do you think Kalecgos will be used or is it just the early expansion hype train making us feel he is important? Tell us in the comments.

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