'Hearthstone' Knights of the Frozen Throne Tavern Brawl Guide: Which Servant of the Lich King is Best?

Hearthstone is celebrating the change of the seasons with the Days of The Frozen Throne. Players who log in today to Sept. 23 will receive a golden Happy Ghoul card and access to two new Knights of the Frozen Throne themed quests. "Plays of the Frozen Throne" will give you 300 gold, and it can be completed twice. If you need more KOFT cards to complete these quests, you can buy the Bundle Up Bundle, which is $19.99 for 30 packs.

Duel of the Death Knights Guide

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is the brand new "Duel of the Death Knights." Players pick a class and then get to wear the armor of a Death Knight. You start off the game with the passive and Hero Power of whichever tortured soul you picked. The decks themselves are random and full of cards from the last three sets, giving players access to cards they'd never see. Playing with a random deck can be annoying, but you just have to hope your opponent has more Meteorologists than you.

It's awesome to hear new voice lines for all the death knights and new introductions from the innkeeper. It feels like a lot of effort was put into this Brawl, which is highly appreciated. Seeing the same recycled Brawl from two years ago can get pretty boring.

There are definitely some classes that are stronger than others. Shadowreaper Anduin might have been one of the most powerful cards when KOFT first started, but the ebony agent has a pretty crummy Hero Power. Uther of the Ebon Blade can potentially win the game with his four horseman, but it's a combo that's super hard to pull off.

Other classes, like Warrior, Warlock and Hunter are strong on their own, but can falter to stronger classes.

malfurion the pestilent
Malfurion is the one true GOAT Blizzard

Malfurion the Pestilent is a really good card, that just doesn't change. You start off the game with a Hero Power that deals three damage, a deck full of ramp and powerful minions. He can be beat with enough early game pressure and strong, but that's just how Hearthstone works.

The best hero in this mode, by far, is Frost Lich Jaina. Being able to summon a Water Elemental on turn two is outright dirty. With the huge amount of strong minions like Shimmering Tempest and Arcane Keysmith, your opponent has a hard time fighting back. Especially when your whole board is frozen from an infinite army of icy elementals.