'Hearthstone' Nefarian Rises Tavern Brawl Guide: The Best Way to Beat the Dragon

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is "Nefarian Rises" and it isn't easy. Players take control of the Priest Anduin or the Murloc Shaman Morgl to defeat the 200-health dragon Nefarian. It's the closest thing a card game can have to a raid, and will really test the limits of your patience. Players are randomly paired up, and you'll need lots of teamwork to defeat Nefarian. The only way to get the card pack is to win the game and it will most likely take multiple tries before you find the right ally.

hearthstone tavern brawl guide nefarian rises

Nefarian Rises Guide

Each turn Nefarian will either deal splash damage to your minions, attack you for four or seven damage, or unleash a massive attack when hitting a certain health threshold.

Nefarian has two different modes, getting angrier as you take out his health. After you deal 40 damage, the beast gets angry and deals between four to six damage to each of your minions. At 60 health he gets really angry, goes invulnerable for a turn, deals a massive 30 damage to your minions and heals himself for the same amount. Juggling his stages can be difficult, especially if you are seeing them for the first time.

There are a few unique cards for this Brawl that will help you take down Nefarian:

  • Intrepid Dragonstalker is the best card to play in the early game. It gains a point of attack and health for every card each player plays, allowing it to get super strong. Dealing 20 damage a turn can speed up the game, especially when you only have 30 cards to draw before hitting Fatigue. Keep in mind that he isn't as powerful as Nefarian and will most likely go down on the dragon's second 30-damage AOE blast.
  • Raid Healer might not seem like the flashiest minion but it will save your behind. Healing is crucial to your success and if Anduin isn't dropping his Hero Power on Morgl, you will lose. Combining RH with cards like Divine Spirit and Inner Fire allows the heals to keep on flowing.
  • Main Tank is the best card for late game. Having a board full of minions when Nefarian is dealing 10 damage split among everything allows you to survive attacks you normally wouldn't. It's risky to waste this minion, so try to only use it when there are at least four minions to buff. Preferably with Brann Bronzebeard.