'Hearthstone's Peter Whalen on What Went Into 'Rastakhan's Rumble' Craziest Cards

Hearthstone is about to release its latest troll-themed expansion, Rastakhan's Rumble. With 135 new cards designed around bashing, mashing and eating, players are bound to have an amazing time tinkering around with the newer cards in the set. Since this is Hearthstone's tenth expansion, the developers had to force themselves to get a little creative.

Some of the latest cards have absolutely insane abilities, like copying Deathrattles or swarming the board with bats. Creating cards that are easily understood and interesting without using much text can be a bit of a challenge.

Gral, the Shark eats a minion in your deck Blizzard

"There's a tough balance between having a cool card and making sure you mostly know what it does just from reading it," Hearthstone Game Designer Peter Whalen told Newsweek. "We want to be as consistent as we can, but sometimes we will break it if it gives it a better first read and makes it more fun for this card. You can't make every card the most fun because then when people read it, they have no idea how to play it. Every once in awhile, it's worth it."

We asked Whalen about some of the crazier cards in the set and the process behind creating them.

Da Undataka - "He's a pretty cool design, we really like a lot of the Deathrattle synergies that we've seen in the past. N'zoth brought back Deathrattle minions, and this is another variant on that. There are also some Deathrattles that stack in unique and interesting ways, and this is the first time we've ever had cards interact this way. Immortal Prelate lets you keep the Deathrattles also got, so there's some crazy stuff you can do that, allowing you stack Deathrattles infinitely. If you get Silver Vanguard, you can potentially have it Recruit itself."

Splitting Image - "It's another variant on the Duplicate theme. When we try to make Secrets, we are trying to make something that's a little different. Mage hasn't had a Secret where it matters what minion you have on the board and we wanted a card that interacted with that. You can get something big in play, like Baron Geddon , and get two powerful minions."

rastakhan's rumble release time
Rastakhan's Rumble brings players to Stranglethorn to see who the best troll is Blizzard

Gral, the Shark - "Gral 'eating' is mostly just for flavor. Once in a while, we will add cards, like Power Overwhelming that makes minions 'die horribly.' We wanted to find something that worked well with the Spirit of the Shark, which we had first, and also felt like a shark, which was hard. We already have Vilespine Slayer, so it's card to make a card that's better than just destroying a minion that was also fair. We needed a Battlecry that felt like a shark, so we had to eat from somewhere else. We thought about eating from your opponent's deck or eating from your own, and the current version was the most fun to double."

Void Contract - "There is a type of player that wants to watch the world burn and this spell is for that guy. If you love Gnomeforatu, this is the card for you. The goal for this card isn't to be the most powerful competitively, it's just there for people who just want to blow up their opponent's deck. You do not get to see what cards were burned in your opponent's deck."

Griftah - "He's a weird take on the Spellslinger mechanic. You get to pick, so sometimes you can make a choice that's good for you and not so good for your opponent. If you're a Rogue and you get Deadly Poison and Tinker's Sharpsword Oil against a Warlock without weapons, that's great. You know what card your opponent has and they don't know what card you have, so it's better than adding a random card to each player's hand. In World of Warcraft, Griftah sells useless trinkets, so we wanted to make him a card that was fun to play with."

The full art of Zul'Jin Blizzard

Zul'Jin - "He's the most awesome troll we could think of, so we turned him into a Hero card. He's been around since Warcraft 2, trolls in Warcraft 3 want vengeance for him, he's in Heroes of the Storm. He likes to throw axes, so he felt like a perfect fit for Hunter. Since we wanted to create a Hero card, we wanted it to be good in a Spell Hunter deck. The archetype had a lot of support in Kobolds and Catacombs and since that is rotating out, we wanted to give it a last hoorah. (For Zul'jin's hero portrait) we thought about pulling it back, there was some discussion online. The trade-off is him having his full presence in the frame, super intimidating, versus pulling back and making sure we can see he has one arm. It could go either way, but we chose to let him be more imposing.in the frame."