'Hearthstone' Saviors of Uldum: Top 5 Legendaries Revealed (So Far)

The latest Hearthstone expansions Saviors of Uldum brings players into the desert to fight off the League of E.V.I.L. With 135 new cards to use, there's a bunch of new mechanics and trials to mess with. Whether it's ridiculous Quests that augment your Hero Power or mummies that never die, there's something for everyone.

There are still around 40 cards that haven't been revealed in the set yet, but there have been some truly awe-inspiring Legendary cards. Here's a selection of some of my favorites which I'll be wasting dust on to add to my collection:

high priest amet
I'm as high as this Priest Blizzard

High Priest Amet- Who doesn't love having high health on their minions? Turn that Dead Ringer into a 2/7 just for playing it onto the board. Priest has access to some of the stickiest minions in the game and this only makes them harder to kill. I'll be playing Anduin with a bunch of one-cost minions and Inner Fire just to troll my opponent.

hearthstone anka the buried
Bro needs some moisturizer

Anka the Buried- Ever imagine you'd be building a deck around mummies? Anka makes that possible, turning all your Deathrattle minions into combo pieces. He might not be as flashy as some of the other Legendaries in the set, but he has it where it counts: in the empty crevice where his heart used to be.

hearthstone siamat
I love this genie Blizzard

Siamat- The most powerful Neutral Legendary in this set will be used by anyone who needs a six-mana value minion. Like Zilliax in The Boomsday Project, Siamat will be the centerpiece of decks that need some health or survival. Rush and Windfury will let this genie kill anything. Give it Taunt and Divine Shield instead to allow it a chance to stick around.

king phaoris hearthstone
This rat centaur monster isn't messing around Blizzard

King Phaoris- This card is dumb but that just makes me love it more. Have a couple of Pyroblasts or Flamestrikes in your hand and the value you get is immense. Having Preparation or Cold Blood and you might as well just press that concede button.

Armagedillo- If you asked a young me what I wanted, it would be an armadillo with a laser beam strapped to its back. I know that's oddly specific but it's always been a dream of mine. I may not want to commit any acts of animal torture, but the Hearthstone art team has no problem doing it for me. It doesn't hurt that this card is actually useful for decks that like Taunt minions.

Weaponized mammals are our future Blizzard