'Hearthstone' Saviors of Uldum Release: Everything You Need to Know to Save the Day

Travel to the deserts of Azeroth in the latest Hearthstone expansion, Saviors of Uldum. This 135 card set continues the story started in Rise of Shadows, with the League of E.V.I.L. stealing the floating city of Dalaran because they can. This group of five malicious ne'er do wells led by Arch Thief Rafaam has just landed in the deserts of Uldum, and it's up to four classic heroes to save them.

hearthstone saviors of uldum
Saviors of Uldum is here Blizzard

Reno Jackson, Elise, Brann Bronzebeard and the Murloc Sir Finley are back from their time in the League of Explorers to kick some bad-guy behind. Each of these heroes have cards that activate unique abilities when you have zero duplicates of cards in your deck. The perk is a call back to the Reno Jackson ability that healed your whole deck; a card that single-handedly changed the whole meta. These cards are significantly weaker, though, with powers like dealing damage to minions or summoning the All mighty King Krush.

The full list of cards for Saviors of Uldum can be found on the Hearthstone Facebook page.

There are two new keywords in this expansion that you definitely need to know about:

Reborn- Minions that die with this keyword return back to life with one health remaining. Expect minions with this keyword to be monstrous in the meta. Cards like Restless Mummy for Warrior and Candletaker will be useful cards in Standard and must picks in Arena. Having board control is the only way to secure a victory on the ranked ladder, and having another free body is a quick way to do it. Get used to seeing a lot of Whirlwinds and Fan of Knives over the next few weeks.

Plagues- These cards deal massive amounts of damage or clear the board. Plague of Death gives Priest a chance to kill everything they can, and Plague of Madness is exactly what Rogue needed to compete in the early game. These cards won't be as widespread as their Reborn counterparts, but that won't stop them showing up in force in Arena.

With over 100 cards to play with there's bound to be something unexpected to give players a reason to come back. Zephyrs The Great is the first Hearthstone card that looks at the state of the game and offers you a choice of cards that will help you win the game. In an interview with Newsweek before the card was revealed, game designer Dean Ayala said that Zephyrs "took the most engineering and design time of any card we've ever made." It also gives you Sacrificial Pact when playing against a Lord Jaraxxus which is just deliciously evil.

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