'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl of Gaudiness Guide: Best Class to Pick This Week

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is "Brawl of Gaudiness," and it has a unique set of rules. Players pick a class and then get a full deck of random cards. The minions and spells in this brawl have their costs halved, rounding down. A Stranglethorn Tiger only costs two mana, and a Deathwing only needs five mana to clear the board. To balance this out, you can only play two cards per turn, forcing you to get creative in how you choose to play each one.

Hearthstone tavern brawl guide gaudiness
The Brawl of Gaudiness is here to show off Blizzard

The mode can be fairly luck-based, with players who have more powerful cards that cost more often gaining the upper hand. Only being able to play two cards per turn limits how much one can pop off in a single cycle, but not by that much. Being able to play both an Ancient of War and Wardruid Loti on turn three feels absolutely gross, however, when you are used to playing constructed.

There are a few things to keep in mind while playing this Brawl. First, the traditional Coin play on turn two doesn't really work here, since playing that card takes up one of the two you can use per turn. We've wasted the Coin in at least two different games before noticing what was actually going on. You can also use your Hero Power during every turn to pool up some of that extra mana that is going to waste.

The classes that seemingly have the most power in this Brawl are Hunter and Priest. Rexxar has the largest assortment of powerful late-game spells and minions that can end a game as quickly as it started. Playing Kill Commands and Unleash the Beast allows you to curve out fairly efficiently. Add a Vol'Jin to the mix and the damage output you have is comically overpowered. Anduin might not have the same powerhouses, but the spells and clear you have at your disposal can potentially break the enemy's concentration.

Dropping a Lady in White followed by a Chromaggus is a board that's hard to beat.

"Brawl of Gaudiness" is not the most well-balanced (or even interesting) Tavern Brawl we've seen in Hearthstone, but it isn't the worst. Being able to summon large minions early in the game has is gimmicky but fun. Once you get your Tavern Brawl pack and complete your weekly quests, there isn't much of a reason to play anymore. But if you want to see what a Deathwing on turn five looks like, this is your best chance.