In the Heat of Summer, Golf Ball Sized Hail Strikes Boston Area

Boston Hail
Golf ball sized hail fell in the Boston area on August 4. This hail was captured by Jonathan Watts in Brookline, MA. Jonathan Watts/Twitter

After a winter that left Boston covered in feet of snow, New Englanders were really looking forward to the warmth of summer. That is until golf ball sized hail started falling out of the sky and winds of between 60 to 70 miles-per-hour hit the area.

Within a half-hour of the storm, the National Weather Service in Boston reported two inch hail had fallen. It was, literally, golf ball sized:

Oh Just the end of days here in Boston. With a side car of golf ball sized hail

— Mike Mutnansky (@MutWEEI) August 4, 2015

Golf ball sized hail selfie!! #hail

— Scott Sullivan (@sullybunZ) August 4, 2015

Golf ball sized hail in Allston #hail

— Scott Sullivan (@sullybunZ) August 4, 2015

And some of it was walnut sized:

Hail stones in Boston about walnut sized.

— Chris Lambert (@clamberton7) August 4, 2015

It was kind of pretty, if you don't consider the dangers:

Pretty big hail in #JamaicaPlain #boston

— suburban patrician (@jasontgordon) August 4, 2015

You could get a handful of it, if you risked running outside:

Brianna Delaire holds a golf ball sized piece of hail in Boston, Massachusetts, August 4. Brianna Delaire

Boston area residents took out their cameras to film the phenomenon:

Some of the hail coming down in Longwood from inside @BrighamWomens. #boston #weather

— Aaron Paul Kithcart (@APKithcartMDPhD) August 4, 2015

Crazy hail storm in Boston! 💦

— Jennifer Lum (@lum) August 4, 2015

And our fellow journalists were pelted too:

Hail in the Boston Globe parking lot

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) August 4, 2015

Good luck, Boston.