Heavily Pregnant Woman Showering With Husband Backfires Hilariously: 'Ouch'

The internet has been left in stitches after a woman shared how a shower with her husband went wrong.

An 8-month pregnant Reddit user by the name of u/stayathomeplantfam shared the story on Friday. It has already received more than 11,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

On the popular r/tifu sub—which stands for "Today I F***** Up"—the post was titled: "TIFU by showering with my husband at 8 months pregnant."

The woman explained: "I had worked a long day where I was on my feet for most of it and at nearly 8 months pregnant, this is quite a feat. I was exhausted by the time I came home, everything was swollen and everything hurt, I'll spare the graphic details."

Midwife and childbirth educator Avril Flynn tells Newsweek: "As you get closer to your due date, tiredness and dealing with a radically larger abdomen can be a real struggle. If you are trying to work till as close to your due date as possible , try and get good a napping and taking proper breaks and literally putting your feet up. Discuss with your boss regarding the possibility of working from home.

"You are not only growing a human, but supporting their vital functions too. That means every time you breathe, you are breathing for two humans. It's amazing, but puts enormous strain on the cardiovascular and other body systems. You need to be cognizant that you need to be well rested, giving your body a chance to use all its energy for a good birth experience. You need to be self-centered"

Pregnant woman and shower curtain
A file photo of a pregnant woman, left, and a close-up picture of a shower curtain, right. A pregnant woman's story of the hilarious consequences of showering with her husband has left the internet in stitches. Serhii Sobolevskyi/nikitabuida/Getty Images

Her husband had just finished mowing the lawn and was ready for a shower when she arrived home, so she decided to jump in with him for a quick wash and hop out. "The thought of taking a separate full shower made me want to fall asleep right then and there," she wrote.

Once the couple was in the shower, the Reddit user began washing her face, but soon realized she was hogging all of the water. "I stand to the inside wall of the shower so my husband can come around and get some water as well," she wrote: "With my protruding belly, I can only get so close to the shower wall. In an attempt to go around my large pregnant a**, my husband loses his balance."

In a moment of panic, the husband reached out and grabbed the shower curtain rod, which was promptly ripped off the wall and headed to the floor with him.

"As I am still facing away washing my face, I hear a loud crash from behind me," wrote the pregnant woman. "When I turn to see my fully naked husband laying on the floor still holding the shower curtain rod with the shower curtain pooled around him, looking like a very hairy 220lb turtle on its back."

"After he lets out a meek 'ouch' and starts laughing, I lost my s***. I laughed for a solid hour straight at least," said the Redditor: "Any time I stopped I'd get a flashback image of him splayed out on his back and lose it all over again. Any time we mention it I can't help but cry laughing."

A little sore, but otherwise unharmed, the wife and her husband decided that for now, they have outgrown their joint shower days.

"I sometimes think it would be a good idea to grow whiskers alongside your bump so you can understand your changing shape," jokes Flynn: "It's very common for not just partners, but pregnant women and people to misjudge their increased girth."

"It's also important to note that your center of gravity alters when pregnant so it is much easier to trip and fall so mind yourself, take your time and maybe leave the shower 'fun' till after the baby arrives," says Flynn.

The story delighted internet users who were also left laughing at the unfortunate incident. One commenter said: "Your husband is the man for taking it like a champ."

Meanwhile, another user wrote: "Wholesome. Wish you both the best on your birth! You sound like you will be fun and loving parents."

"This is hilarious. Thank you for that," said another Reddit user.

"So happy that this had a relatively happy, and relationship-affirming ending," said another commenter: "Good luck to you two."

Newsweek has reached out to stayathomeplantfam for comment.