Anthony Ramos' Singing For 'In the Heights' Becomes Social Media Obsession

It's only in its second week of release, but In the Heights has already got the ultimate 2021 seal of approval—its soundtrack has gone viral on TikTok.

In the Heights is the movie version of the Broadway hit musical of the same name. It tells the story of Usnavi, a bodega owner in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in New York. Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda created the original In the Heights, and has seemingly struck gold with the soundtrack once more, 16 years after its first release.

"Blackout" has taken over TikTok in recent days. In the film, the scene happens during one of Washington Heights' power cuts, and is mainly sung by characters Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) and Vanessa (Melissa Barrera), who are searching for one another.

It's one verse in particular however that has TikTok users hypnotized. "Usnavi, all night, you barely even danced with me," sings Vanessa. Usnavi responds: "Don't make me laugh, I've been trying all night, you been shaking your a** for like half of the heights."

The verse has been dubbed "addictive," by fans, with some even joking that it "must have a crack in it." It's the smooth way Ramos pronounces "half of" as "haffa," which has captivated such a huge audience. In just a few days, the audio has risen from 0 to 18,000 videos, while videos using it are amassing millions of views.

"I watched the movie solely because of this sound and it did not disappoint," wrote one TikTok user in a comment.

TikTok user @starcoleman6 gained over one million views and 200,000 likes with her rendition of the scene, using eyeliner to swiftly draw on a mustache for each of Usnavi's lines.


She’s always pissed me off.. anyways USNAVY I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU!! #intheheightsmovie #hamilton

♬ BLACKOUT. Thekatiebradshaw - KATIE ♡︎

This isn't the first time Miranda's has taken TikTok by storm either, with a long list of Hamilton classics becoming popular meme audios on the app. The "nobody needs to know" line from Hamilton's "Say No To This" became a popular audio on TikTok, with people using it to show hidden secrets about themselves, like fake teeth.

It hasn't all been adoration for Miranda however, who in summer 2020, found himself the butt of TikTok's constant jokes. Although he wasn't "canceled," Miranda was relentlessly mocked by users on the app. He became the center of memes and jokes all focused on him, seemingly sparked by an image of him biting his lip.

During the trend's height, Rolling Stone argued that the Miranda-hating was rooted in the "Gen Z V. Millennials'" debate, with Miranda's fans belonging mainly to the Hamilton-loving-millennial generation, but also being "the ultimate millennial" himself.

Miranda however was unphased, and responded with a mention in a freestyle rap on Twitter, as one would. "Bite my lip, aw s**t, TikTok hates when I do that," he jokingly rapped.

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'In the Heights' soundtrack has gone viral on TikTok. Warner Bros