Helmets: GI Show

The American combat helmet, used from the beginning of WWI to Iraq today, is one of the most iconic symbols of the U.S. Army. The story of its evolution is told in the upcoming DVD documentary "Steel Pots," based on Chris Armold's book of the same name. In many ways, "Steel Pots" shows how the development of these helmets mirrored America's rise to a major world power. "The evolution of the U.S. combat helmet certainly showcased America's industrial capability and innovative prowess," says Armold. The film's stars are the helmets, but Armold says he hopes that viewers will also take time to remember the soldiers who wear them: "[They're] who we as Americans should hold in high regard."

MODEL 1917 The first "American" helmets came from abroad. The U.S.-made helmet didn't debut until 1917.

M1 (WWII) Introduced in 1941, the M1 had several makeovers during WWII. This one has an improved chin strap.

M1 (VIETNAM) en it sent the M1 with troops to Vietnam, the Army added a reversible woodland-pattern cover.

PASGT The PASGT changed the camo and swapped steel for Kevlar. It debuted in 1983 and is still used now.