Here Are New York City's Most Basic Dog Names

This mastiff is adorable. But if he's name Max, he's also basic. The photo was taken at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City February 11, 2017. Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Oh my God, you got a dog—congrats! A good pup has now entered your life because all dogs are good dogs.

What are you going to name your new pet? What's that? You're going to name him Max?

Congrats, on top of being a new dog parent, you're also basic. That's especially true if you happen to be one of the 8.5 million or so folks who lives in New York City.

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The city's health department released Friday its most popular dog names—otherwise known as the common, white bread, basic dog names that damn your good pup to a life of constantly whipping its head around when hearing its name called by other owners. For the uninitiated, "basic" effectively means common or unoriginal, or as Urban Dictionary defines it "obscenely obvious behavior."

For the second year in a row Max and Bella were easily the most common names for dogs in NYC. The health department registered 1,358 Bellas and 1,268 Maxes in 2016, easily outpacing the second place names of Lola (872) and Charlie (868).

Here's the rest of the top 10 for each sex:


1. Bella: 1,358

2. Lola: 872

3. Lucy: 763

4. Daisy: 694

5. Coco: 652

6. Princess: 605

7. Luna: 560

8. Chloe: 548

9. Molly: 516

10. Sophie: 416


1. Max: 1,268

2. Charlie: 868

3. Rocky: 867

4. Buddy: 741

5. Lucky: 625

6. Teddy: 559

7. Toby: 523

8. Jack: 488

9. Milo: 443

10. Oliver: 428

And it's not just New York City, many of the same names appear on the American Kennel Club's top dog name list of 2016, including Charlie, Buddy, Lola and Lucy. Max and Bella were again the most popular names for their respective sexes.

So if you read that list and thought, "Oh, hey, that's MY dog's name," then I regret to inform that your dog's name is basic—and by extension you probably are as well.