Here's How Trump and Biden Stack up Against Each Other With Minority Voters

The 2020 presidential election is less than six months away and several national polls show former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a lead over President Donald Trump among minority voters.

A recent poll conducted by CNN/SSRS, surveyed 1,112 U.S. adults from May 7 to May 10. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

According to the poll, Biden has a large advantage over Trump among minority voters, as 69 percent of non-white voters chose the former vice president as their preferred candidate, while 26 percent sided with Trump. Among the remaining percentages, 1 percent of non-white voters said other, 2 percent said neither and 2 percent said they didn't know or refused to answer.

However, when white voters were asked the same question, 55 percent sided with Trump, while 43 percent chose Biden.

Additionally, the poll found minority voters siding with Biden regarding the candidate they thought would better handle the economy and the novel coronavirus pandemic. Fifty-five percent of minority voters said Biden would be the better choice for the economy when compared to Trump who received 40 percent of votes. To handle the coronavirus pandemic, 69 percent chose Biden and 26 percent chose Trump.

Among white voters, these percentages change drastically, with 61 percent saying Trump would handle the economy better compared to 36 percent who chose Biden. For the coronavirus pandemic, 55 percent of white voters sided with Trump while 43 percent chose Biden.

Another poll conducted by The Economist/YouGov found similar results among minority voters versus white voters.

Former Vice President Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks about White Nationalism during a campaign press conference on August 7, 2019 in Burlington, Iowa. Tom Brenner/Getty

According to this poll, Biden received support from 88 percent of black voters, 45 percent of Hispanic voters and 51 percent of voters who identified their race as "other." In comparison, 4 percent of black voters sided with Trump, as well as 41 percent of Hispanic voters and 22 percent of those identified as "other."

As with the CNN/SSRS poll, The Economist survey determined Trump has a significant lead over Biden among white voters. According to the poll, 51 percent of white voters would vote for Trump and 39 percent for Biden.

The Economist/YouGov poll surveyed 1,500 U.S. adults from May 3 to May 5 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.

In addition to Biden's advantage with minority voters, the former vice president also holds the lead among all U.S. adults. The CNN/SSRS poll found 51 percent of Americans siding with Biden while 46 percent chose Trump. The Economist/YouGov poll found a slightly smaller difference between the two with 47 percent saying they would vote for Biden compared to 43 percent that sided with Trump.