Here's What Pewdiepie Thinks of Rose and Ed From 'Before The 90 Days'

YouTube legend Pewdiepie commented on Big Ed and Rose back in April, but comments about the 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days couple are still pouring in. Though the YouTuber's original reaction video was posted on April 24, viewers can't stop talking about the course of the couple's TLC relationship, and seemingly everyone has chosen a side.

The video, titled "Man Puts Mayo In His Hair......" probably only makes sense if you've seen the series. It refers to the world's introduction to Big Ed, a controversial figure on the reality dating show. Ed revealed he uses mayo to moisturize his dyed hair, hence the title.

Along with the rest of the world, Pewdiepie thought this beauty hack was weird and decided to comment on it. But forget the mayo. The YouTuber hosted a larger conversation about the couple and their relationship.

In the series, Ed, 54, travels to the Philippines to meet his online girlfriend, Rose, 23. The age difference was the first creepy thing to many 90 Day viewers, who questioned why Ed was dating someone younger than his daughter, who is 30. But it was his behavior that sent viewers over the edge.

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Big Ed
Big Ed and Rose may have split for good on Sunday night's episode of 'Before The 90 Days.' TLC

Ed was slammed publicly for asking Rose to shave her legs, commenting on her bad breath, gifting her mouthwash and generally acting in a way that some considered controlling toward Rose.

The YouTuber summed up the general public's thoughts about Ed shaming rose in a single line: "You put mayonnaise in your hair. You are not allowed to say what's gross or not about other people. Those are the rules."

Pewdiepie seemed to side with Rose, as did most of the world while watching their relationship unfold. "The guy is a compulsive liar, why would he trust someone else? He lies about his height, lies about not wanting kids," the YouTuber explained in the video.

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Since Pewdiepie's reaction video aired in April, his followers may not know that Rose and Ed have since split. Rose dumped the American man on Sunday night's episode when he finally revealed he didn't want any more children. She slammed Ed for misleading her and embarrassing her in front of global viewers.

Ed seemingly tried to talk to Rose again, only to find that the hotel room they shared was empty. Rose had run to the airport to head home. This week's episode will likely follow up on their relationship and explain if they ever spoke again.

Pewdiepie's comment section is littered with offensive remarks about Ed's appearance. While loads of comments are cruel, some rise above them. AmethystEyes commented on Pewdiepie's video Tuesday. "The worst part about him is not his looks, later in the season we find out that he is a horrible person."

Another user named Scarlett championed Rose on Sunday. "I hope that girl will find someone who loves her and cherish her cause she seems nice," she wrote. "It doesn't matter if she is in it for the money she still deserves way more than that."

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