Here's Where Tesla Produces Its Electric Cars Around the World

Tesla Gigafactory 1
Tesla's factory about a half hour east of Reno, Nevada produces four models of the company's line of electric vehicles Tesla Motors

With new production facilities expected to come online in Austin, Texas and Berlin by the end of the year, Tesla has been steadily increasing its manufacturing footprint since opening its first factory 11 years ago.

Founded in 2003, Tesla started its venture into electric vehicles by manufacturing the first-generation Roadster, selling 2,450 units from 2008 to 2012. In a recent report, the company said that it had delivered 201,000 vehicles in the second quarter of 2021. The Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y are currently on sale in the U.S. Tesla is currently working on the development second generation of the Roadster, Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck.

As it continues to increase sales and dominate the headlines, the electric car company's production facilities are also expanding. Here's a list of all the places that Tesla currently produces its vehicles, parts and accessories.

Tesla Fremont Factory

Tesla Fremont Factory
Tesla's first standalone factory opened in Fremont, California in 2010 Tesla Motors

Fremont, California, United States

After producing its first vehicles at its Palo Alto headquarters, the company acquired the 5.3 million sq. ft. space on the other side of the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010 for $42 million in a space that was previously the home to the assembly of General Motors and Toyota cars. In return, Toyota took a $50 million stake in Tesla, working on a partnership with the company until selling those shares in 2017. The Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y are currently produced there. Tesla has announced plans to start production on the second-generation Roadster at the site in 2022.

Tesla Lathrop Factory

Lathrop, California, United States

In 2014, the company acquired this former Chrysler parts distribution center. Located an hour east of the Fremont factory, the Lathrop 500,000 sq. ft. facility is mainly used to manufacture automotive parts. Warehouses are also part of the site.

Giga Nevada

Tesla Gigafactory 1
Tesla's factory about a half hour east of Reno, Nevada produces four models of the company's line of electric vehicles Tesla Motors

Storey County, Nevada, United States

Opened in 2016, this sprawling 5.3 million sq. ft. facility was opened about a half hour east of Reno, Nevada after competition between five states and two years of construction. The company builds its Tesla Powerpack, Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Megapack and its lithium-ion batteries here. Production on its Semi truck is expected to start this year with an exp

Giga New York

Tesla Gigafactory 2
Located in Buffalo, New York, Tesla's Gigafactory 2 produces the company's charging components and lithium-ion batteries Tesla Motors

Buffalo, New York, United States

At the site of a former steel mill, the company built a 1.2 million sq. ft. factory to build many of the same power accessories that Giga Nevada makes along with its Solar Roof products. In 2019, the facility expanded production lines for its Tesla Supercharger technology. Panasonic manufactured solar panels at the site from 2017 to 2020.

Giga Shanghai

Tesla's Gigafactory 3
Tesla's Shanghai facilities produce thousands of cars a day for the Chinese market Tesla Motors

Pudong District, Shanghai, China

After only a 12 month construction period, Tesla's first international factory started production on the Model 3 in December 2019 with the Model Y following at the start of 2021. By the end of last year, the massive 9.3 million sq. ft. facility was producing 8,000 vehicles a week. With production has been ramped up in full, the company expects to have a production capacity of 500,000 vehicles per year for the Chinese market.

Giga Berlin

Tesla's Planned Giga Berlin
Tesla's planned factory in Berlin is expected to start production this year Tesla Motors

Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany

Tesla plans to begin production in its first European facility in late 2021. Located about 25 miles east of Berlin, construction on the factory is expected to cost more than $4 billion. After a three-year selection process that included several countries like Spain and Finland jockeying for the site, the location in Germany was announced in late 2019 with construction getting underway in June 2020. Tesla will produce the Model 3, Model Y, lithium-ion batteries, battery packs and powertrains at the facility.

Giga Texas

Austin, Texas, United States

Intended as the flagship factory for the Cybertruck and the Semi, the upcoming Tesla plant is also slated to produce the Model 3 and Model Y for the Eastern U.S. market. The facility, located on the eastern outskirts of Austin, was selected after Tesla considered numerous locations in eight states. The company intends to begin production by the end of 2021.