Here's Who Chose 2020's Meme-Worthy Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Christmas tree has officially landed in the iconic, New York City location, but people aren't necessarily thrilled about this year's tree of choice. Netizens immediately pointed out the awkward look of 2020's centerpiece, which upon first glance, is more branches than pine in some sections.

Many compared the gigantic Christmas tree to the tiny, unimpressive Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that became a household holiday description after the 1965 cartoon film release of A Charlie Brown Christmas. But as "2020" as the Rockefeller Christmas tree may seem, there's still time for a holiday glow up.

Early stages of the tree may have you wondering "who approved this?" Well, choosing the perfect fir is the legendary job of one man: Erik Pauze.

Pauze is the head gardener at Rockefeller Center where he has the important job of choosing each year's Christmas tree, arranging transportation and caring for the tree until it's officially on display for all to see.

There are certain qualifications that a tree must reach in order to be considered for the New York display. Of course, one of the most important is that the tree is equipt to support ornaments, lights and all necessary decor to make it a truly unforgettable tree.

This year's choice, which Internet users called questionable, came from Oneonta, New York. A local publication, Spectrum Local News, spoke with Pauze about the selection of the huge Norway Spruce. "I'm looking for that perfect Christmas tree, the one that's going to look good in front of 30 Rock and the one you want to put in your living room, have it look good for your Christmas season," he said.

Rockefeller Tree 2020
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree arrives at Rockefeller Plaza and is craned into place on November 14, 2020, in New York City. Getty/Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Since the tree arrived at Rockefeller center this week, onlookers have questioned why the tree looks so frail and lopsided. There's an answer to that. Due to transportation, the tree may look a bit rough around the edges. By the tree lighting ceremony on December 1, though, there's a great chance the 2020 tree will look as full and exquisite as ever.

A Rockefeller spokesperson explained the disheveled look to The Today Show. "The tree is fully wrapped, branch by branch, for a couple of weeks before it is cut and driven into the city on a flatbed truck," the spokesperson said. "The journey took two days this year."

They continued. "When it's unwrapped and first put up, the branches don't immediately all snap back into place, and those are the photos you're seeing. It takes a while before it fully settles."

Sure, there's a great meme in the idea that even New York's iconic tree is a little bit off this year. But come the holidays, it should serve as a beacon of joy, despite all of the hardships surrounding 2020. Once again, Pauze has done his job. The tree is expected to be gorgeous with over 3 million Swarovski crystals among other beautiful decorations.

Until the grand reveal, though, it seems Twitter will continue to roast the odd "before" photos of the 2020 tree. We're certain it will look great in the end, but for now, the comments continue to feed Twitter users with endless entertainment.