Dog Rescues Florida Woman After Her iPad Catches Fire: 'He's My Hero'

A heroic dog has rescued his elderly owner after her iPad caught fire.

Bubba, a Boxer, raced to his owner bedroom when her home in Holiday, Florida, began to fill up with smoke on Sunday night, WFLA reports.

Laverne (no surname was given) said she had been fast asleep when her 100-pound pet nipped at her hand to alert her to the danger. Her iPad had caught fire while it was charging in the kitchen.

The situation was dire as Laverne, who has an incurable lung disease, relies on oxygen tanks to survive and had more than one in her home when the fire broke out.

Laverne told WFLA that Bubba rushed into her bedroom like "a gorilla," adding: "He knew I was in trouble."

She revealed that she had gone to bed early on Sunday night as she had not been feeling well.

She told WFLA that she had tried to put out the fire herself after calling Pasco County Fire Rescue for help.

She opened all the windows in her home, but was forced to go outside and wait for the fire department as both she and Bubba were struggling to breathe.

Laverne said firefighters who responded to the scene told her she was incredibly lucky that Bubba woke her when he did, due to the number of highly flammable oxygen tanks in the home.

"They said the chemicals alone would have filled the house, and if I had not woken up, I probably would have died in bed, and the tanks could have exploded," the former nurse, who is now retired, added.

Both she and her pet avoided serious injury, but Laverne revealed her iPad is beyond repair.

She and her beloved Bubba used to watch videos on the Apple device together, she recalled.

Laverne added that although she would love to get a new one, she can't afford it. She is also unable to drive herself to the Apple store in Tampa.

Nevertheless, Laverne remains positive and grateful for what time she has left.

''I may not know how long I have, but I am here with my dog and happy," she said. "He saved my life. My hero, that's how I really feel about him. He's my hero."

Newsweek has contacted Apple and Pasco County Fire Rescue for comment.

Stock photo: Apple's new seventh generation iPad is displayed during a special event on September 10, 2019 in the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's Cupertino, California campus. An elderly woman's dog saved her life after her iPad caught fire while it was charging. Getty