Heroic U.S. Marines Rescue Stranded Driver During Flood in Viral Video

A video showing five U.S. Marines helping a woman whose vehicle was stuck in flooding has gone viral, gaining over 4 million views in five days.

When @vigi.boo, Virginia Torres, found her car unable to move through the flood water on Columbia Pike near the Pentagon in Washington D.C., the Marines who happened to be driving by came to her rescue.

The five men are Marine Corps Body Bearers who had been on their way back to the barracks after a 3 p.m. funeral service. Marine Corps Body Bearers are a part of Company B at the Washington, D.C. Marine Barracks, and perform funeral services for Marines at Arlington National Cemetery.

In the video, their strength came in handy and allowed them to team together to push the stranded car out of the water. "This is so cool. We just got stuck. Thank you so much," said Torres as she filmed the Marines in full uniform wading through the knee-high water and heavy downfall.

The Marines were captured visibly smiling as they all pushed the car from behind and past their bus to an overpass. "This is so cool. This is the most American thing ever," said Torres.

Torres compared the Marines to angels in a message to Newsweek, writing: "I was praying in the moments beforehand because my car shut down in about 2.5 feet of water. We were panicked as we were on the highway ramp, my prayers were answered by these kind Marines. I couldn't believe what was happening, knowing they were like angels being sent from somewhere.

"I was shocked and in disbelief I had to record it for my father to see. I also felt a wave of emotions that is hard to really describe in words," she added.

The video can be seen in full here.

Marines in uniform lined up
Stock image of U.S. Marines. Getty Images

"If there's anyone who's going to help these people, it'd be us. We were the right ones for the job and hopped out without hesitation," Corporal Mitchell Wojtowicz told Fox 5.

"We're all pretty like minded group of individuals, not just as Body Bearers, just as Marines and service members. More or less, we just want to lend a helping hand and be good to one another," said Corporal Jared Tosner.

In the five days since being uploaded, the men have received mass appreciation online, with over 800,000 likes.

"And they smiled while doing it. Much love and respect to our Marines," commented one user.

"The peace that would come over me if I were ever in trouble and saw this sight," commented another.

The views came as a surprise to the Marines though, who didn't see the gesture as anything out of the ordinary. "[We] definitely didn't do it for attention or views or anything like that. Just trying to do the right thing when no one's watching. In this case, somebody was recording, but it was cool to see the positivity that sparked from it," Tosner told Fox 5.

"We really looked at it as a small task. We didn't look at it as a major thing until it started blowing up on social media and then we kind of understood the gravity of it, but to us it was just a very small task, we didn't even really tell anyone about, we just hopped back on the bus and got back to the barracks and it was really just doing a nice thing, doing a favour to a fellow American," said Tosner.

"When I said it was the most American thing ever, it was to me because as an immigrant we don't see these types of things where I was born. I felt proud to be an American and a wave of emotion [knowing] that the marines work every day towards our daily freedom. In that moment I felt it deeply I guess. I'm happy to be alive and share this positive message with the people," said Torres.