'He's A Softy': Viral Video Of Man Relenting To Foster Kittens Melts Hearts

Although a man was not enthusiastic about his partner's intent to foster a pair of kittens at first, he quickly warmed up to them as seen in a viral TikTok.

Shared to the TikTok account @lordfoldemort, the video was viewed more than two million times and sparked a conversation in the comments section about the sweet moment and the benefits of fostering animals.

According to Feline Foster, animal shelters may work with volunteers who provide a home to an animal in need of a place to live. That animal lives with the volunteer for a certain period of time as it prepares for adoption.

"Foster homes play an important role in caring for cats in an often-overburdened system," the piece by Feline Foster stated.

The video opens as Jordan texts her partner Bobby to ask how he would feel if she were to foster two five-week-old kittens.

He replied that he would rather not have three cats in their "little" apartment, alluding to Theo, the cat the couple already has.

"We can talk about this when I'm back but I would lean strongly toward no," Bobby said when Jordan explained the kittens were in need of a foster home.

After a few more persuasive messages sent by Jordan, which included a photo of the kittens, Bobby gave in and noted they would be only be fostering them for two weeks.

He seemed to have gotten used to the kittens quickly, as the next video clip showed Bobby on the couch with both of them curled up and cuddled with him.

"Little tiny things always win," the caption on the video read.

Jordan told Newsweek this is the first time she is fostering kittens this small, but she said they are doing well since they've settled into her home.

She said they are no longer being bottle-fed, and they can eat kitten food out of a bowl.

While the kittens were quiet and scared the first day they settled into Jordan's home, their personalities have quickly come through.

"They're super playful and snuggly," Jordan said.

And, although Jordan's cat was not happy with the kitten when they first arrived, he has warmed up to them in the short time they've stayed with them.

Jordan said she could also tell Bobby would also be likely to welcome the kittens to their home because he did not give her a firm no as an answer when she asked.

By the time they arrived to the rescue shelter to pick up the kittens, she said he was excited and fully on board.

"He was only hesitant because we already have a cat and we don't have a huge space," Jordan explained.

Commenters were quick to share their feelings about the sweet moment, and some commended the couple's communication skills.

"I also love how your partner is so sweet [about] it even if they [really weren't] aboard at first," a viewer wrote.

"That 'strong no' turned weak real quick," another comment read.

"He's a softy," @lordfoldemort replied.

One viewer shared that they had a similar conversation with their husband and managed to convince him that they can foster four kittens.

"Can we appreciate this [man's] communication skills 100/10," a TikToker commented.

A viral TikTok video showed a sweet moment that a man shared with two kittens after he initially shared he was hesitant to foster them. Above, a stock image of two kittens napping. Beton studio/iStock

One commented that fostering animals will be beneficial and save lives.

"Ya you're inconvenienced for a little but they get to be safe and get adopted," they wrote.

Jordan said she's been happy to see the feedback her video received. She pointed out that while many people are speculating that she will ultimately keep the kittens, she fully intends to find a home that will adopt them.

"I will want to foster again in the future," Jordan said. "If I keep the kittens, I won't be able to foster in the future."

She said she hopes she'll be able to find someone who is willing to adopt both of the kittens together.

Cats have been featured in numerous viral videos and posts on the internet. One tripod cat, for example, went viral on Reddit for bringing her kittens to her owner to provide "shelter and protection."

A photo of an adopted cat's information sheet also went viral on Reddit for its exhaustive list of "things to know" about the feline.

Another adopted cat went viral on Reddit after a video of her showed that she seemed to have no problem immediately settling in at her new forever home.

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