Teenagers Discover Hidden Cameras Disguised As Phone Chargers in Bathroom and Bedroom of Rental Home

A Massachusetts man has been arrested on suspicion of secretly recording people in the bathroom and shower of his family home.

Samuel Mickey, 26, from Boston, has been charged with violation of privacy after he allegedly placed secret recording devices disguised as phone chargers around his parents' home in Eliot, Maine.

Police said the cameras had been set up to record people as they used the toilet and shower, with another camera also facing towards a bedroom.

The devices were found by a Pennsylvania family who were renting the home while visiting friends in Eliot. The family, which included two teenagers who were staying in the room where the suspect allegedly placed one of the cameras, were longtime friends of Mickey's family, reports Boston.com.

Police said one of the teenagers found micro SD cards in the fake chargers, which later turned out to be secret video cameras. The teen removed all the cards and handed them over to the Eliot Police Department.

Officers then uncovered a series of covert videos filmed in the bathrooms and bedrooms of the house.

"Any time someone would walk into a room, this thing [the camera] would kick on and would be filming in what we think was about three-minute increments," Chief Elliot Moya told WPVI.

Moya described how technology has meant it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot these secretive recording devices.

"They could be smoke detectors. They could look like an outlet and it's really difficult to tell," he added.

Mickey was arrested by Boston police and brought to a Massachusetts court on a fugitive from justice charge, as the alleged incident occurred in Maine. He was released on $2,500 cash bail after appearing in Dorchester District Court, reports Mass Live.

Authorities also conducted a search of Mickey's home in Boston and his vehicle following the arrest.

"This person secretly video-recorded friends and family members in situations where one reasonably expects the highest levels of privacy," Moya said in a statement.

"Most would be appalled at these actions as they are a tremendous breach of privacy. Thankfully, the individual that found the cameras was abundantly suspicious and examined further to learn it was more than just a phone charger."

The Eliot Police Department is continuing to investigate. Anyone with any further information concerning the investigation are being asked by police to call Sgt. Ronald Lund at (207) 439-1179.

Samuel Mickey
Samuel Mickey is accused of videotaping people inside the bathrooms and bedroom of a Maine home. Eliot Police