Hidden Wi-Fi Camera Found Streaming in Michigan Starbucks Bathroom: 'Disturbing and Disgusting in Every Capacity'

An investigation has been launched after a hidden Wi-Fi camera was found inside a unisex bathroom at a Michigan Starbucks.

The small camera, which police said is made for concealment, was found attached to the underside of the toilet lid by cleaning staff at the coffee store in Allen Park on the afternoon of June 2.

The Allen Park Police Department posted a photo of the camera, believed to be worth around $60, next to a pen onto Facebook in order to give an idea of its size.

"The lens is at the end of the cable and difficult to notice," the department added in a statement.

Detective Jim Thorburn said he believes the camera had been livestreaming to another location for around two hours before it was discovered.

"And we believe that location would have been somewhere close to the device," Thorburn told WWJ. "I can't imagine they'd be doing it, watching the video inside the store. That would just be crazy. So I'm sure they were sitting in a car. The range isn't that great one it, so it would've had to have been close."

Police said that no arrests have been made so far in the investigation and admitted it will be very difficult to hunt down a suspect.

"It's extraordinarily disturbing and disgusting in every capacity," Thorburn added. "It can record women, men, children—everything could have been recorded in there. So, yeah, I am pretty determined to catch the person because, you know, this is beyond ridiculous."

Starbucks customers have also described their shock at the discovery.

"I'm really disturbed by that because I go to the Starbucks all of the time," Crystal Wilson told Click on Detroit.

"Somebody needs help. They are sick and they need to be put in jail. It makes me think, like, where else around here, these people put these cameras? It's scary and now I'm going to be looking in every direction when I go to the bathroom in all of these stores," Wilson added.

In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Starbucks said: "Our partners [employees] immediately contacted the police after making this disturbing discovery, working swiftly to ensure the safety of our customers and partners, as well as the security of our store.

"As a part of store operations, we regularly monitor the seating areas and restroom in order to identify potential safety or security concerns. We are supporting the local police department in their investigation."

Police posted a photo of the Wi-Fi camera found in the Starbucks toilet next to a pen onto Facebook in order to give an idea of its size. Allen Park Police Department