Prices Mocked in L.A.'s 'Most Expensive Grocery Store' Where Vinegar Is $50

Los Angeles is known for being the home of numerous celebrities who wouldn't think twice about a triple-figure grocery bill, but an ordinary resident has mocked the sky-high prices some people are willing to pay.

A man named Antonio shared a video on TikTok revealing his shock at the astronomical prices paid at the "most expensive" grocery store in the county.

In the clip, the shopper claimed he was in Erewhon, which has outlets in Calabasas, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Boulevard, Venice and Silver Lake. Antonio later said he made his film in the Venice store.

"I'm in the most expensive grocery store in Los Angeles, what the frick is this? On sale, on sale, for 17 bucks," he says filming a bottle of coconut milk Kefir, originally on sale for $18.79."

In the drinks aisle, he zooms in on a beverage with a label saying it's "euphoric for humans."

Antonio continues: "There's a drink called Kin, I don't know if it's tea, it's 40 fricking dollars for this one bottle. Now we're in the water section, Ophora, it's $12.49 for a bottle. Is this supposed to be magic water that makes your pee smell like rose water."

The county has areas of extreme prosperity, so it may come as no surprise that the prices in its shops are targeting the wealthier residents.

The clip, posted earlier this month, garnered hundreds of thousands of views and it was so popular Antonio uploaded a second part on Tuesday.

The bemused shopper walks round the aisles, picking up what he thinks is over priced produce.

He said: "So $2.99 for vinegar is pretty normal, but right beneath it is a $50 bottle of vinegar that makes you fart roses. $22 for a normal steak that fits in the palm of your hand. $38 for cashew butter, and it's not even that big. Look at this. $4.79 for one single peanut butter cookie."

Numerous people commented on the videos, branding the prices "ridiculous."

Lorinfarr admitted: "Even if I was rich I couldn't spend this level of money on one beverage that isn't alcohol."

Georgia thought: "It's giving very much Gwyneth Paltrow Goop vibes."

Universovash reckoned: "It's meant for people with money to burn."

TikToker Courtney Stroud commented: "It's just sad because people are buying goofy expensive stuff like this."

Kenblack349 claimed "L.A. is a joke," while Matthew agreed, adding: "This screams L.A."

Though the store does have some fans, as Holistic Chef Niki wrote: "Erewhon is the best if you don't buy all your groceries there, I just get special items and smoothies."

And Sssss pointed out: "I get how ridiculous the prices are but they are that way because people are willing to pay it."

On its website, the store says it partners with local homeless initiatives.

A post said: "Erewhon & The Midnight Mission. We are Pleased to be partnering with The Midnight Mission to feed LA's homeless community."

Shopping basket filled with foods from supermarket.
Stock image of shopping basket filled with foods from supermarket. A grocery store in L.A. is being mocked for it's sky-high prices. Getty Images/Gulcin Ragiboglu

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