German High-Wire Artist Gets Married in Mid-Air: 'Every Marriage Is A Tightrope Walk'

A German tightrope walker went viral this week after posting photos from her wedding, held more than 20 feet in the air on a high wire.

On Saturday, aerialist Anna Traber exchanged vows with Sven Lier in her hometown of Breisach, with both suspended from a tightrope. The ceremony began when father-of-the-bride Johann Traber, 66, drove the couple over the thin cable on a motorcycle.

Photos on social media show Traber, 33, and Lier, 32, sitting together on a flower-covered swing opposite an officiant, seated on a trapeze. The couple's mid-air wedding in Breisach's marketplace appeared to have drawn quite a crowd.

Traber comes from a family of well-known trapeze artists that have been active since the 16th century. Lier, reportedly, does not come from a long line of aerial performers.

"Every marriage is a tightrope walk," Traber told English 24 News on Saturday. "For our marriage, the tightrope should be the right starting point and a good omen."

About 12 miles from Freiburg in the Rhine Valley, Breisach has a population of only about 16,500.

Earlier this year, another well-known tightrope family made headlines: In June, Nik and Lijana Wallenda—the seventh generation of the legendary Flying Wallendas family of wire artists—walked a tightrope approximately 1,300 feet in the air above Times Square.

Wearing safety harnesses (as required by New York City law), the siblings started out on opposite ends of the rope, met in the middle and passed each other to walk the remaining length of the wire.

The stunt, which aired in a two-hour ABC special on June 23, Highwire Live in Times Square, was Lijana's first time back on the high wire after the duo were in an accident in 2017.

"Hopefully encouraging and inspiring others to overcome their greatest fears," Nik told Good Morning America. "I think that our society is gripped by fear and we're held back from our greatest achievements because of that fear."

Five performers in all fell in the 2017 accident, which took place in Sarasota, Florida, though none died. In 1978, Nik and Lijana's grandfather, 73-year-old Karl Wallenda, fell to his death from a tightrope strung between two buildings in Puerto Rico. In 1962, Karl Wallenda's nephew and son-in-law died, and his son was paralyzed, after a seven-person pyramid collapsed during a live performance.

The Wallendas trace their origins back to the 1780s, when their ancestors worked as trapeze artists, jugglers, acrobats, aerialists and animal trainers.

anna traber tightrope highwire wedding
High-wire artist Anna Traber held her wedding ceremony on a tightrope, high above the marketplace in her hometown of Breisach, Germany. BZ