Hilarious Stuck Sheep Video Goes Viral, Sparks Waves of Memes and Jokes

A hilarious video of a sheep trapped in a trench being rescued before, moments later, getting trapped again has triggered a flood of memes and jokes on social media.

The video, which has been viewed tens of millions of times across social media platforms, starts with a boy trying to pull out a sheep that had got stuck in a ditch.

As the clip continues, the boy grabs the sheep by one of its back legs and carefully pulls it out until it is free.

A sheep getting trapped is nothing unusual, but moments after it was freed the animal proved it may not have shared the same intelligence as other members of its flock.

When it was let loose, the sheep jumped away before it landed itself, almost with pinpoint precision, back into the same trench, just a few yards away.

The 29-second clip, filmed at an unknown location, set off a flood of people tweeting jokes and analogies on Twitter after it first emerged over the weekend.

logging off Twitter for the day then going back pic.twitter.com/5e1MvS46tS

— Toby Earle (@TobyonTV) April 18, 2021

TV critic Toby Earle hit close to home in a relatable post on the platform that was shared with his 15,600 followers.

He simply said: "Logging off Twitter for the day then going back."

Brad Sams, the executive editor of the BWW media group, shared the video with the caption: "Me fixing my parent's computer."

His tweet was liked 41,800 times and retweeted on 11,000 occasions.

Colorado Springs pastor Brady Boyd of the New Life Church also shared the video with his 16,400 followers.

In a tweet, he said: "Every pastor knows this to be true. We help the sheep get out of the ditch only to see them jump back into trouble."

The hilarious video was not the only viral clip featuring an animal to have people glued to their screens.

Last week a dramatic video of a man throwing a bobcat was viewed millions of times.

The odd video started gently enough when an unidentified man walked towards his car tells a passing jogger "good morning." A few moments later a bobcat could be seen sprinting towards the car.

Shortly afterward, a woman walked towards the car when a bobcat could be heard yowling, which was followed by the woman's scream.

The video then continues to show the bobcat attacking the woman from behind before she runs toward her husband. He then grabbed the bobcat and hurled it several feet away.

Polish Animal welfare workers were in for a shock when a call to save an unidentified animal stuck in a tree turned into a bizarre encounter.

Last week a woman called The Krakow Animal Welfare Society after she spotted what she believed was a trapped animal near her apartment.

But, soon emerged the supposed beast was, in fact, a croissant that had gotten stuck in the tree.

The sheep got stuck in a ditch
Within seconds, the sheep got stuck in a ditch not once, but twice. In this photo, the male of the sheep stands out for the size of the horns and the longer wool seen on November 19, 2020, Monterroso, Galicia, Spain. Sheep of a native breed from Galicia are raised outdoors on a farm. Xurxo Lobato / Contributor/Getty

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