Hillary Clinton Attempts to Show 'Softer Side' in Lifetime TV Interview

Clinton will appear in an interview with Lifetime TV on Wednesday night. Slay, kween. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

As Hillary Clinton dips in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and ramps up her attacks against her Democratic rival, independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, she is also attempting to show voters a softer side.

In an interview with Lifetime's Amanda de Cadenet scheduled to air Wednesday night on The Conversation, the Democratic front-runner will "put politics aside for an hour-long gabfest in which she discusses date night with Bill Clinton, girls night out with her friends, as well as figuring out how much emotion to show as a woman candidate for president," Politico reported.

As part of the interview, Clinton will address how she manages expectations for women in positions of power. "It's really important not to wall yourself off from how you are actually feeling about what people say or how they treat you or how they treat somebody else that offends you or upsets you," Clinton will say. "But you're also as a woman in a high public position or seeking the presidency, as I am, you have to be aware of how people will judge you for being, quote, emotional. It's a really delicate balancing act."

Throughout the campaign, Clinton has frequently been criticized for her rigid public image, an image her campaign has tried to shake. In October, she appeared on Saturday Night Live, but critics said she came off as scripted. This week, she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she danced with the popular comedienne.

But even as Clinton tries to appear less choreographed, her campaign keeps tight reins on the candidate. De Cadenet told Politico she asked Clinton for the interview in June, but it was not approved until almost six months later, in December. "There's a big approval process," de Cadenet said. "On December 15, I got an email from her camp saying, you're interview has been cleared. They said I could do December 21 or sometime in March."

De Cadenet's New York set was not cleared by the Secret Service, she told Politico, forcing the host was forced to re-create her set at Clinton's Brooklyn campaign headquarters. She cobbled together a replica set with rented furniture on the 10th floor of the downtown Brooklyn headquarters building the day before the interview, she said.