Hippo Powerfully Smashes Watermelon in Single Bite in Incredible Viral Video

This is one hungry, hungry hippo.

Viral footage of a ravenous hippopotamus cracking open a watermelon in one powerful bite has amazed animal lovers online.

The incredible video was initially posted by the San Antonio Zoo in Texas on June 9. To celebrate the warmer weather, the hippo's caretakers decided to treat the massive animal to a summer fruit staple.

A hippo smashed open a whole watermelon in San Antonio Zoo in Texas. The hippo is then seen sharing the fruit feast with his companion. pic.twitter.com/z2mYVPHTMA

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) June 12, 2021

As seen in the video, a zoo employee calls over one of the hippos in the exhibit. The hungry animal opens its enormous mouth, patiently waiting for the treat through the enclosure's bars.

"All right, ready?" the employee asks. Her coworkers respond on behalf of the famished hippo with a resounding, "Ready!"

One of the zookeepers then gently places a whole watermelon in the hippo's mouth. Eager to cool down with a refreshing treat, the hippo smashes open the watermelon in a single, powerful bite. Video editors also slowed down the footage at the moment he cracks the watermelon into two pieces.

The sweet video ends as the hippo and his companion in the exhibit munch happily on their treat. The zookeepers are heard laughing off-camera after their coworker placed a large chunk of watermelon in the hippo's mouth, only for him to drop it to the ground and take a piece of the other hippo's snack.

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"What better way to kick off summer than a good old-fashioned hippo watermelon smash?!" the San Antonio Zoo captioned the now-viral video, which has since been viewed over 61,000 times on Facebook. Viewers were overwhelmed with the "sweet" interaction.

"Looks EXACTLY like how my kids eat it! Maybe even a bit cleaner!" one viewer joked in the comments. "It literally is a bucket list item for me to feed a hippo a watermelon," another wrote.

One commenter asked if the hippos liked their watermelon "with yellow mustard," referencing the online trend that has people on TikTok enjoying their fruit with the savory condiment.

Jacob Downing, a marketing specialist at the San Antonio Zoo, told Newsweek that the zookeepers posted the videos to keep their dedicated fans in the loop on hippos Timothy and Uma.

"These videos are definitely very popular among our fans!" Downing said. "Timothy and Uma are our biggest social media 'stars.' They seem to have a knack for getting the world's attention, with over 26 million views on their videos on Facebook so far in 2021 in addition to news coverage."

Timothy, age 6, lives at the zoo with his 46-year-old grandmother Uma, who eagle-eyed Facebook fans quickly recognized after the Facebook post was uploaded.

"Timothy joined us in 2017 from ABQ Biopark, and our fans immediately fell in love," Downing recalled in his statement to Newsweek. "Uma joined us when she was 1 year old, and during her time here has given birth to 10 hippo calves which now live all over the country. With hippo populations being listed in the wild as 'vulnerable', she has contributed significantly to the hippo conservation."

Downing also shared that the two hippos have a special relationship that social media users fell in love with.

"Uma is the more mellow personality, and is an excellent grandmother to Timothy. Despite her age, she is able to keep up with Timothy and [is] always happy to play with him," he told Newsweek. "He certainly keeps her young! Although Timothy is the more outgoing one, he still follows her lead when doing activities."

Downing also noted that when Timothy isn't getting into "rambunctious antics," he's often penning "love letters" to Fiona, the beloved female hippo over at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.

One Facebook video viewer even teased in the comments that Timothy's messy eating was "no way to impress Fiona," the over at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.

The San Antonio Zoo subsequently posted a photo of Timothy enjoying the watermelon, along with his "love letter" to Fiona.

"Dear Fiona, I told you I love watermelons! I look forward to the day we can share one together. Sincerely, Timothy," the photo's caption read.

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Several also acknowledged that they would not want to upset a hippo, given that it could chomp down on a watermelon with such force. "Wow, the jaw power is just incredible, how many other animals could do that?—it's a good thing that Timothy is such an easy-going Hippo," one noted.

Downing told Newsweek that Timothy and Uma are a great match together and that they "very much enjoy each other's company."

"Both Uma and Timothy serve as incredible ambassadors to the world for their species, helping excite and educate millions all over the world!" he added.

In other watermelon news, a man has caused a massive online upset after he made a pizza with a watermelon. Some became so heated over the culinary experiment that they compared it to a "war crime."

Updated at 12:30 p.m. to include comment from the San Antonio Zoo.

Hippo smashes watermelon at San Antonio Zoo
Footage of a hippo smashing a whole watermelon in one massive bite has amazed viewers online. San Antonio Zoo/Facebook