Australian Woman Hits Friend's Boyfriend With a Car Because She Didn't Like His Instagram Posts

A woman who was upset at an Instagram post an acquaintance made has been jailed for trying to run him over.

CCTV footage shows Karla Condon, 30, a hairdresser from Australia's Gold Coast, mounting a traffic island and hitting a man on December 14. She then drove off without getting out of the vehicle.

Condon was fuming that the victim, the partner of her friend, had posted a video of her dropping him off at a casino, when she had told her other friends she was staying in, according to

She was left furious by the video, which showed that she had lied. Soon afterward, she texted him: "I swear to God, you're gone, mate."

Around 30 minutes later she was driving through Broadbeach and footage showed her doing a U-turn before hitting the unnamed victim, who was not seriously hurt. A woman standing nearby also had to jump out of the way.

Southport Magistrates Court heard that ill-feeling between the pair had been brewing and that Condon had also been unhappy with previous posts he had made to Instagram. It was said that the pair had had a "toxic" relationship.

She said she had planned to report him to the police beforehand for harassment.

"There were a few instances where he posted content publicly that was demeaning to my client," defense lawyer Mollie Roper said, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The judge found Condon's actions were deliberate, and she was jailed for 12 months for using her car as a weapon.

She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and failing to stay at a road incident. She will be released on parole on November 27.

Broadbeach, Gold Coast
General view of street scenes in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast of Australia. A woman was jailed after she used her car to run over a friend in Broadbeach. Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images