'Hitler Did Nothing Wrong'—Spalding County Jailers Fired for Neo-Nazi Beliefs

Two employees of a Georgia sheriff's office have been fired after an anti-fascist group exposed their neo-Nazi and racist beliefs which they allegedly posted online.

Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix confirmed that jailers Howard Costner and Jesse Jones have been let go following the exposé by Atlanta Antifascists.

"Both of these gentlemen are no longer employed by the Spalding County Sheriff's Office based on some information that came to light today," Dix told the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. "It doesn't fit what we want to represent to the community and what we want to represent as an agency."

They were fired after the leftist group published a blog post which detailed online comments allegedly made by the pair expressing far-right views.

Among the allegations are that Costner commented on YouTube under his alias Howie3601 describing how he is "extremely right winged and I view racism as normal."

"Just read the definition of racism and it's not a bad thing," the comment adds. "That's my own belief though. I went from being a libertarian Conservative to more Authoritarian."

Costner is also alleged to consider Nazis as "normal everyday people" as well as describing George Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, as someone he "respects."

According to Atlanta Antifascists, Costner also posted a photo of a Nazi flag hanging on his bedroom wall to Facebook.

Jones, who is believed to have joined the Spalding County Sheriff's Department in October 2017—one month after Costner—is also alleged to have used far-right language online.

According to reports, Jones's profile on the gaming platform Steam included the motto "Hitler did nothing wrong."

"Hitler did nothing wrong" is a popular trolling meme which is believed to have started on controversial forum website 4Chan as far back as 2012, reports RawStory.

Jones is also connected to Costner on Steam, as well as another profile which uses a picture of Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who murdered nine black people at a church in Charlestown, South Carolina, in 2015, as its picture.

Dix confirmed that both Costner and Jones had been employed as detention workers for less than a year, with neither displaying any extremist behavior and only Costner in that time having "some minor disciplinary problems," reports the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

"No use of force, nothing where there were claims of him violating people's civil rights or mistreating (people)," he added.

In a statement to Newsweek, Costner said:

"I still stand by my statement that I am not a Neo-Nazi, and never have been. I also do not believe any of my comments Atlanta Antifa got ahold of were 'Neo-Nazi comments' or even 'Hitler sympathetic comments'. One of my posts Atlanta Antifa put in their article was dark humor and or satire.

"The one with the NSDAP (Swastika flag) was not meant to be taken literally, and many people have already figured that out, but I wanted to make that clear. I have an infatuation with World War 2 history and specifically the German Wehrmacht, which is why you may see some Nazi memorabilia or even memorabilia from WW1 with the German Empire on my Social Media accounts."

Jones could not be reached for comment.