Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

Kids may scoff at "educational" toys, but adults tend to be much wiser. Give the gift of culture this Christmas:

1. Words and Music Glenn Gould plays Bach's Goldberg Variations '55 and '81($19.98); Miles Davis at the '73 to '91 Montreux Jazz Festivals on 20 discs ($249.98); Charlie Christian invents the solo jazz electric guitar ($49.98), and poets--from Tennyson on--read their work in a book/CD combo, "Poetry Speaks" ($49.95).

2. New York New York A book so nice they named it twice. Richard Berenholtz's gorgeous photographs, some of them foldouts 12 feet wide, are love letters to Gotham; $275.

3. Design for Living Contemporary style, from the luscious designs of architect David Rockwell in "Pleasure" ($65) to the cool objects made by 100 global hipsters in "Spoon" ($75).

4. DVDs Here are four sets worth a look: " '24': Season One" ($60); "Band of Brothers" ($120); "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" ultimate gift set ($70); " 'Spider-Man' Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set" ($50).

5. The Classics Penguin has a new complete Shakespeare ($65); Random House celebrates its 75th birthday with 18 replicas of hits like "The Invisible Man" and "Portnoy's Complaint"; Everyman serves up the complete Raymond Chandler in three volumes ($27.50 each), and the New York Review of Books puts filmmaker Jean Renoir's biography of his painter father back where it belongs, in print; $16.95.

6. The Wood Book Shows 350 kinds of wood, from the cucumber tree to fiddlewood. Think of it as a forest in hardcover; $75.

7. The Art of Noir by Eddie Muller Exhaustive collection of noir posters, where gumshoes cheated everybody but death; $50.