If you're feeling a post-holiday letdown, don't despair. This week marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Monkey, a.k.a. 4702. Here's how to celebrate, whether your roots are in Beijing or Baltimore.

Watch: Head to your local Chinatown to see the lion and dragon dancers. The costumes are meant to scare away demons and usher in good luck.

Eat: Long noodles for longevity, boiled dumplings for friendship and togetherness, and whole fish or chicken for abundance and prosperity.

Decorate: In spoken Cantonese, the word fa, for flower, resembles the word for wealth. Chinese families fill their homes with plum and peach blossoms, peonies, mums and orange trees.

Give: Children receive red envelopes, or lai si, stuffed with dollar bills. Buy them in stationery stores or at