Hollywood's New Year's Baby Boom; X's, O's?And 24

Just because a few actors narrowly missed out on having a millennium day baby, did they have to punish their kids with more of those bizarre Hollywood names? Don Johnson and his wife, Kelley, had a girl last week they named Atherton, after Kelley's father. (Though they spared the child his full name: Atherton Macondray Phleger.) Eddie Murphy and his wife, Nicole, also had a girl, named Zola, perhaps after the couple's favorite author. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening haven't revealed the potential names for their fourth child, but past evidence--their other kids are named Kathlyn, Isabel and Ben--indicates they'll do the right thing. Anyway, they've got bigger worries. Bening is due on or around March 26, which happens to be Oscar night. If she is nominated for her role in "American Beauty," Bening is faced with the prospect of either appearing on international TV looking less than svelte or spending the evening in the maternity ward. In an upcoming Vanity Fair article that also features even more Beatty-family political pronouncements, Bening says the hospital wouldn't be so terrible. "Oh, God, it would be hilarious," she says. Not if she loses.

Joe Montana knows football, but can he handle calling the plays at a monthly football magazine? Montana will launch Joe Montana's In the Redzone this week, and the fabled quarterback--who's listed as editor in chief and founding publisher--is apparently serious about following in Oprah's and Martha's celebrity-journalist footsteps. "It's my baby," says Montana. "When it comes to the final say, it's mine." Redzone is something of a hybrid: part sports, part men's lifestyle. The first issue is filled with amiable chats with John Elway, Jerry Rice and Mike Ditka, as well as features on herbal medications and a guide to beer. And then there's the rather revealing cheerleader pictorial, "The Right Moves," that puts the ladies of Maxim magazine to shame. Montana's idea? "I don't mind it, but it has to be tasteful," he says. "We're still having a debate if it's going to be in there every month." Whatever sells magazines, Joe.

Now that he's gotten over the Fear of Commitment thing, Jerry Seinfeld isn't wasting any time fastening on the shackles of love. Seinfeld married Jessica Sklar on Christmas, a mere 49 days after they became engaged. Now the couple's friends are talking about Jerry the Daddy. "They both want kids," says one Seinfeld buddy. Sklar's friends say she's been talking about getting pregnant "right away." But first they have to survive the honeymoon. Seinfeld was in a minor car accident while vacationing with his bride in the Catskills last week. No one was hurt--except Jerry's beloved silver 1997 Mercedes. Good thing he can afford a new one.

He's already the world's sexiest sexagenarian and Hollywood's best Bond. Now Scotland's own Sean Connery has added a knighthood to his list of superlatives. Queen Elizabeth honored (or is that honoured?) Connery last week, along with British-born Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Andrews, who become dames. But Connery's title comes despite some controversy. He is widely believed to have been snubbed by the government two years ago in retaliation for his out-spoken support of the Scottish National Party, a major thistle in the side of Tony Blair's Labour Party. Must have been that tour de force performance in "Entrapment" that won them over.

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