'Homecoming' Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Amazon Prime Video Show?

While Homecoming's first season ended small, with its most dramatic moment being a slightly misplaced fork, Season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video went the opposite direction. The end of the show saw the Geist Group fall victim to a mass poisoning at a corporate event that will leave everyone who was drinking the free wine without their memories.

In typical Homecoming fashion, however, the show took a big loop in order to get to this climactic event. Episode 7 of Season 2, titled "Again" took place both before and after Geist Group owner Leonard Geist's (played by Chris Cooper) rambling speech, which viewers had previously seen in a prior episode. It also joined this moment to the former episode, where viewers learned exactly how Jackie (Janelle Monae)/Alex ended up in the rowboat we found her in the Season 2 premiere.

In the last episode, she had tried to inject Walter Cruz (Stephan James) with the memory wipe serum to stop him being able to reveal what was going on at the Homecoming facility, but he managed to tackle her and get the needle into her arm.

homecoming season 2 ending explained
'Homecoming' Season 2 revealed exactly what happened to Jackie/Alex after she left the rowboat Amazon Prime Video

At the start of Episode 7, she begins to head to the Geist headquarters (as also seen in Episode 1), while Cruz is seen heading to Geist's farm. The two compare notes about how both of them had been treated badly by the company, which had ousted Geist and wiped Cruz's memories. They presumably then form a plan, as the next thing we see is the event.

This initially starts with the footage of the party we have already seen, including the balloon drop Audrey Temple (Hong Chau) orders to drown Geist out. However, we then see that Cruz has snuck into the party as a caterer. We then see him dumping empty bottles of chemicals.

Geist and Cruz's plan becomes clear: Geist has given Cruz a supply of his company's chemicals and used them to spike the drinks so that everyone at the company gets a taste of their own medicine. They get their memories wiped by spiked drink just as they had spiked the veterans' food in Season 1 in order to rid them of the PTSD-triggering memories that were stopping them from getting redeployed.

Among those we see getting their memories wiped is Audrey, which seems to bring her relationship with Alex to an end, and Geist military liaison Bunda (Joan Cusack), who finds herself losing her memories in the blaring sun of Leonard Geist's farm, among the fruits the memory-wiping chemicals are derived from.

What we do not see, however, is what that means for the Geist company. Presumably, this will allow Geist to take control of his own company, allowing him to refocus on toiletries as had been his wish earlier in the season, but first he will have to deal with the chaos of his entire management structure having lost their memories.

Originally, the makers of Homecoming said they had a three-season plan for the show, but Amazon Prime Video has not confirmed the show for more episodes yet. As such, it remains to be seen whether viewers will ever get to so what becomes of the Geist Group.

Homecoming Season 2 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.