Homeless Man, Missing For Four Years, Is Reunited With His Family

A 32-year-old man from Georgia who went missing is finally re-united with his family after four years.

Chino Police got the call about a man sleeping on the bench outside a community centre in the Californian city, FOX11 reported on Wednesday.

The man, called Tony Yu, had been on the streets for four years and his family had filed a missing persons report for him.

"God is working through him," Yu's mom Tina Sun said of Chino Police Department Corporal Ryan Tillman, who informed her of her son's whereabouts.

The Chino Police Department worked with a two-and-a-half-year-old homeless outreach task force made up of social workers, called S.W.A.G. — or Social Work Action Group — to find Yu. The group's social workers either drive separately to calls or ride with an officer as they do outreach to the unhoused in the Californian city.

When the team checked Yu's identity, they found a missing person's report filed by his family. Tina Sun flew from Georgia to bring his son home with her.

Newsweek has contacted Chino Police for comment.

There were 273,843 women and girls who went missing in the United States last year, according to FBI data. 268,744 men and boys were reported missing. The number of missing persons under the age of 21 was much higher than those 21 and over for both genders.

Of the total last year, 209,375 females under 21 reported missing, and 59,369 females over the age of 21 reported missing. Meanwhile 178,747 men under 21 were reported missing, and 59,369 men over the age of 21 reported missing.

While the number of missing persons in the United States fluctuates, in 2020, this number was at its lowest since 1990, according to the FBI's data.

There are many reasons why people might go missing. They could have been kidnapped for example, while others purposefully go missing—in order to flee domestic abuse or due to mental health problems.

Almost half of the missing persons cases in 2020 were of minorities, according to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). 321,859 white people were reported as missing in the United States last year, compared with 182,548 Black people, 9,575 people of Indian descent and 10,776 people of other Asian ethnicities. Another 18,260 of unknown ethnicity were reported as missing in the United States last year.

Some people who go missing are not found alive. Elswhere in California on Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced that an investigation was underway after the body of a 75-year-old woman that was declared missing was found in a trash receptacle in a park in Los Angeles.

Homeless in Los Angeles
File photo of homeless people in California. A man has been found in Chino and reunited with his family in Georgia, after being declared as missing for four years. T. Fallon/Getty