Homeless Man Tased for Trying to Break Into Cop Car to Get a Meal and Place to Sleep

The attorney for a homeless man who allegedly attempted to break into a cop car in Miami on Thursday claimed that her client wanted to "get arrested to get a bath, a meal and a place to sleep" in a Friday court appearance, according to Local 10.

The ensuing standoff between the man, Derek Edward Peivandi, and police officer James Marte, which was filmed by bystander Emmanuel Alberio, occurred in a busy street outside of Margaret Pace Park. It ended when Marte used a Taser on Peivandi, 37, after Peivandi ran at him with an object in his right hand. The object was later revealed to be a pair of flip-flops, rather than a knife or a handgun.

The same day, Alberio posted the footage on Instagram. So far, it has been viewed more than 6,200 times.

The arrest report states that Marte was addressing a parking issue when he spotted Peivandi opening the driver's side door of his patrol car, according to Local 10. When Marte approached Peivandi to investigate, Peivandi allegedly replied, "Naw, am trying to steal that s***" and began threatening Marte's life before running at him.

In the footage, Marte can be heard commanding Peivandi to back up, but Peivandi ignores Marte.

Assistant Police Chief Manuel Morales praised Marte's handling of the situation, adding that Peivandi even went so far as to spit on the officer.

"He was actually taunting the officer, screaming at him, 'Shoot me. shoot me,'" Morales said of Peivandi. "He was screaming profanities at him, challenging his manhood, so the officer used an incredible amount of restraint."

That's when Marte attempted to use a Taser on Peivandi and called for backup when the attempt failed. When a second officer, Rafael Guerrero, arrived, he also attempted to stun Peivandi with a Taser, but the electrodes again failed to pierce Peivandi's sweater.

While Peivandi allegedly remained belligerent throughout the encounter, repeatedly refusing commands to surrender, the officers finally managed to subdue him. Peivandi was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, burglary, and two counts of resisting an officer without violence, according to Local 10. His bond was set at $7,500.

"They deployed their non-lethal weapons. When they saw they were ineffective, they waited for backup," Morales said of Marte and Guerrero. "At any moment, that situation could have turned tragic. It could have ended in a loss of a life, not only for the suspect, but for the officer."

On Friday, Peivandi's attorney stated that Peivandi had admitted to the attempted burglary. When the judge assigned to the case, Mindy Glazer, asked Peivandi how long he had been in Miami, Peivandi said, "About six months," adding that he had previously lived in Michigan, according to CBS Miami.

Peivandi is due in court again on June 3.

Standoff between homeless man and police officer.
Emmanuel Alberio captured the moment homeless man Derek Edward Peivandi confronted a police officer. Peivandi's attorney has since stated that Peivandi was deliberately trying to be taken into custody for the amenities. Instagram/@coachkeemz