Homeowner Adopts Cats After Seller Moved and Abandoned Pets: 'Needed You'

A new homeowner got more than she bargained for when buying a house in Alabama, after finding that it came with two cats the previous owners had left behind.

Julia Davis, while moving from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, soon found herself taking on two extra cats with millions watching along online.

Davis added Coop and Roof to her animal family after finding the pair hanging out in her new garden. Detective work with neighbors found that they had belonged to the previous family, who moved away and just left them. A trip to the vets confirmed that neither have chips, but both have a serious medical condition.

"I'm moving into a new house and I figured out that the house I'm moving into literally came with a cat," Davis told TikTok in a video that has reached over 24 million views. Collectively, the journey has gained over 13 million views so far. Davis showed the white cat, now named Coop, calmly perched on a namesake chicken coop.


Drop name suggestions in the comments! Bonus-I really like names that are nouns or names that have shorter nicknames that end in the “e” sound #names #cat

♬ original sound - Julia Davis

"I originally thought that he was possibly just a really nice and very sociable feral cat because he has obviously not been to a vet in a while, his ears are pretty torn up, he clearly hasn't been brushed in a while, and then i learned from a neighbor that this cat belong to the people that lived in this house before me and when they moved they just left him."

According to neighbors, after the family left, the cat began frequently pacing up and down the driveway awaiting their return. "So he's mine now, no doubt about it," proclaimed Davis, prepared to take on her new cat, along with the dog and cat she already calls her own.

As most pet owners will know, trips to a vet can be a financial burden and Davis was left unsure of how she would manage to take on that of Coop's and any potential illnesses. "Having a bleeding heart and a budget don't necessarily go hand in hand," she told viewers, predicting that the bill could reach thousands if he is positive for heartworm.


Talked to the neighbors, they don’t think he belongs to anyone. At least not from our neighborhood. Going to have him scanned for a chip! #coopkitty

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Finally have names picked out AND I’ve learned some new info about Coop. Hopefully Roof will stop by later #coopkitty

♬ original sound - Julia Davis

Viewers stepped in and rushed to donate all they could to help Coop get back on track after being left behind. In just five hours they raised over $2,000 for vet bills, which Davis later found out was much needed.

"I feel so relieved knowing that no matter what kind of medicine he needs, or what kind of medical care he needs, or what we're gonna need to get him healthy, I can afford it," she said.

The excitement doubled however when Davis discovered a mysterious second cat frequenting the property: a black cat now named Roof. More detective work discovered that it likely belonged to the previous owner too, with torn up ears and rough skin.

After accepting ownership of the second cat, Davis also took it to the vet, but not without a struggle. The cats enjoy roaming the neighborhood meaning she had to keep them inside for the day before their vet appointments.


Getting them treated and their future treatments (although it don’t know the costs of their preventative care yet) would not be possible without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart #coopkitty #coopandroof

♬ original sound - Julia Davis

It was discovered that Coop has gingivitis on his teeth, but neither has mites or fleas. Unfortunately, however, they are both FIV positive - an immunodeficiency virus that causes cats to have weakened immune systems. Neither have had their vaccines either.

"We're getting you all healthy," promised Davis. The FIV diagnosis however means both cats will likely stay as outdoors cats, separate from her other cat who does not have the virus.

The ongoing journey of Davis and her new cats is one that is being watched online, as each video racks up views and TikTok users seek further updates.

"They needed you," wrote one TikTok user.

"I can't believe they left him. People are just awful. He is better off with you. He will be loved for sure," added another.

Davis has vowed to continue updating viewers on becoming Coop and Roof's new owner, and exactly how it will all unfold.

Newsweek has contacted Julia Davis for comment.

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