Homeowner Urged To Fire Cleaner Caught Wearing Her Clothes in TikTok Videos

The internet has sided with a homeowner who just discovered that her cleaner has been using her flat and things to take videos for her TikTok account, while she was paid to clean.

In a post shared on Mumsnet last Sunday, the woman, who goes by the username Trendytrousers, explained that while casually scrolling her TikTok, which she only uses occasionally to watch videos, she found a string of videos that her cleaner had filmed in her flat.

She said that in the reels, the woman can be seen dancing and singing, as well as posing on her bed wearing her accessories, all filmed during working hours.

"She cleans once every two weeks for 2 hours and I leave her alone for one hour so she can get my office done as I WFH. I have found her so far trustworthy although she's damaged a few things I've mentioned to her," she added.

Filming or photographing somebody's private property is a risky move, according to attorney at law Bert Krages, photography can be prohibited or restricted by the property owner on their property. However, a property owner generally cannot restrict the photographing of the property by individuals who are not within the bounds of the property.

Most of the 184 comments on the thread told them woman she should let her cleaner go. One user said: "So she's posted your home on tick-tock when she should be working? I'd let her go. That feels such a huge invasion of privacy."

And another added: "If this happened she wouldn't be my cleaner any more that's for damn sure." A third said: "That is a huge abuse of trust of course you should mention it to her. If she works for an agency I would tell them too as it's likely not just your home she does that in."

While a fourth suggested: "I'd immediately create another video with you posing with her cleaning stuff and tag her or whatever you do on tik tok."

And a cleaner wrote: "I'm a domestic cleaner for a living. This is an abhorrent abuse of both your trust and the time you're paying her for. This is gross misconduct and you should 100% forward the vids to her with a message stating I require my key to be returned within 24hrs, I no longer wish to use your services for obvious reasons."

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A stock image shows a domestic cleaner working. A woman has been backed for her reaction to her cleaner taking TikTok videos posing with her stuff while paid to clean her flat. Getty Images