Homeowner Refusing to Remove 'F*** Biden,' Pro-Trump Flags Faces $500-a-Day Fine

A woman who has decorated the outside of her home with profanity-laced anti-President Joe Biden flags is refusing to remove the paraphernalia despite being issued a notice of violation and drawing the ire of residents.

Andrea Dick argued the six flags, three of which include the words "F*** Biden," hanging on the fence of her home in Roselle Park, New Jersey, are protected under the First Amendment.

However, the borough's code enforcement department disagreed, saying the colorful display breaks a local ordinance that prohibits signs containing "obscene, pornographic or lewd messages," NJ.com reports.

Code enforcement officials sent a "notice of inspection" by mail on Wednesday citing the ordinance and requesting for the signs to be taken down. If Dick does not remove the display from the property, she will be issued with a summons and the matter will be referred to the municipal court, the publication said citing town officials.

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A Roselle Park Department of Code Enforcement notice of inspection shared by News12 New Jersey shows a letter dated June 2 asking the homeowner to correct the violation "within 1 days."

Officials expect the letter to be delivered by Friday and the flags to be removed by next Monday, June 7.

"The Borough is of the opinion that what is being displayed in this instance rises to the level of that which is explicitly prohibited by the Code," Roselle Park business administrator Andrew Casais told NJ.com.

The maximum fine for breaking the ordinance is $500 per violation for every day that the violations continue to exist, he added.

The home came to the attention of officials after residents complained, noting the inappropriate language and the proximity of the residence to a local elementary school.

"It's been brought to our attention less because of the political aspect of it, but the vulgarity of it," Mayor Joseph Signorello said. "The real problem is, from a neighbor perspective, is it's a block away from an elementary school. It's in a high visibility area for children. Most of the ire was drawn from a lot of local parents."

However, Dick says she will not take the flags down and denies they can be defined as "obscene."

"I'm not taking them down. Absolutely, 100 percent not," she told NJ.com. "I said I have a right, freedom of speech, and I'm leaving them up there."

Later speaking to News12 New Jersey, Dick reiterated her argument that the flags represented freedom of speech.

"They're not even getting the point," she said. "It's freedom of speech. I have a right to hang my flags where I want to hang them. I'm going to tell you right now, I am not taking those flags down. They'll have to fight me tooth and nail."

Dick has reportedly spoken with a lawyer and says she does not plan to remove the flags despite the warning.

Newsweek has contacted the Roselle Park Department of Code Enforcement for comment.

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File photo: A homeowner hangs an American flag outside a house in Minneapolis. A woman in New Jersey has been issued a notice of violation after drawing the ire of residents for putting up profanity-laced anti-Biden flags outside of her home. Stephen Maturen/Getty Images