Homophobic Killer Who Wrote 'Hitler Was Right' In Victim's Blood Arrested by Colombian Police

Police in Colombia have arrested a man for allegedly killing a gay man and writing "Hitler was right" on a wall in the victim's blood.

Officials detained a man in Colombia last fall in connection with the March 2000 killing of 45-year-old man Vitervo A.V. in the municipality of Montgat, near Barcelona. Catalonian police released a statement on the case on Tuesday.

The killer is alleged to have met his victim after they connected through a lonely hearts newspaper advertisement in the capital of the Catalan region of Spain.

The pair went for drinks before heading to an apartment belonging to an elderly man whom Vitervo was caring for. The man was in an old age home at the time of the killing. The elderly man's son discovered Vitervo's lifeless, naked body in a pool of blood hours later. He had a flower wrapped around his ear.

The message reading "Hitler was right" found on the wall of the apartment near Barcelona where a man was found dead. Mossos d'Esquadra

"Hitler tenía razón" or "Hitler was right" and "KKK," an apparent reference to the Klu Klux Klan, were scrawled on the apartment wall in the victim's blood.

After cleaning up their footprints and DNA evidence, the culprit left the apartment, leaving behind little for the police to base their case around.

Law enforcement officials failed to make any leads in the case until an unidentified person called the victim's cousin and played her what appeared to be a recording of the incident. The woman claimed she heard Vitervo pleading for his life. She later found a bouquet of flowers on his grave that she, nor any other relatives, had left.

Officers were able to link the call to drug traffickers, but nothing that lead to the killer and the trail ran cold.

In 2016, a judge re-opened the case, prompting the Spanish Civil Guard to question several people linked to drug trafficking using the victim's cell phone records. Officials followed clues to a man with a history of sexual aggression who had returned to his native Colombia from Spain in 2009.

Investigators found cases had startling similarities to the Montgat killing. One woman who had gone for a drink with the suspect in Montgat said he had threatened her with a knife.

Eventually, phone records from calls made from the elderly man's apartment in response to a sex ad in the local newspaper led to a home in Vilafranca de Penedes, located around 43 miles from where Vitervo was found dead. Police believe Vitervo was one of several people living at the address at the time.

By interviewing those who knew the suspect, police learned the as-yet unnamed killer was a soldier in Colombia and a member of the Spanish army for a year. They revealed that he believed in Nazism and had bragged about killing a gay man in Barcelona, El Pais reported.

The Colombian authorities arrested the suspect on September 2, 2017. He is being held and awaiting extradition to Spain.