Hong Kong Student Arrested for Allegedly 'Exaggerating' Academic Achievements

A student at the University of Hong Kong was arrested for allegedly "exaggerating" her academic achievements to promote herself at the tutoring center where she works, according to reports.

Kowloon City's Supreme Learning Centre has been under investigation since April when a married couple running the facility was arrested on suspicion of lying about the wife's qualifications and academic achievements, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The 21-year-old tutor, who remains unnamed, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of violating Hong Kong's Trade Descriptions Ordinance, which aims to "protect consumers by prohibiting false trade descriptions, misleading or incomplete information and misstatements in respect of goods provided in the course of trade," according to a report from Rouse.

Under the trade descriptions law, anyone in a trade or business who uses a false trade description for any goods or a service has committed an offense, SCMP reported.

The tutor, who was released on bail, denied exaggerating any of her information and said she did not tell the tutoring center about her exam results.

The 15-year-old center has a workforce of 10 teachers and covers a wide range of subjects. It has targeted students and classes from elite schools within Hong Kong, earning a strong reputation in the area, SCMP reported.

Ben Yeung Yuk-man, a commander in the unfair trade practice investigation division, said that the investigation began with a tip-off in April. He said the academic backgrounds of other teachers would be examined. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of HK $500,000 (U.S. $64,000) and five years in prison, SCMP reported.

Iris Chan, a tutor and the woman running the learning center, was arrested in June and held by customs officers. She was accused of claiming she had graduated from the University of Hong Kong with an honors degree, but upon investigation, customs officers found she had been expelled before completing her studies, SCMP reported.

Chan presented herself as a "top student" in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and claimed that she had gotten straight As and Bs. Investigators said she had actually received Bs, Cs and a few Ds.

Chan's husband, the learning center's director and also a teacher, was arrested along with another female employee, who was accused of helping sell the courses to students.

A tutor in Hong Kong was arrested Thursday and accused of "exaggerating" her academic achievements. Above, Hong Kong's Mong Kok district on August 13. ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP via Getty Images