Exclusive 'Fortnite' Honor Guard Skin Available for U.K. Honor View 20 Owners

Mobile phone manufacturer Honor has partnered with Epic Games to bring an exclusive skin to Fortnite . A subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer Huawei, Honor has been making cell phones and smart watches for the European market for the past few years, its most recent model being the Honor 10. Fortnite players who purchase their next phone in the line-up, the Honor View 20, will earn an exclusive Honor Guard skin in Fortnite. Honor plans to announce more details about the promotion in the future, according to a Twitter post on Tuesday.

The Honor Guard skin looks to be a color swap for the Whiteout skin, which was available for a limited time in 2018. At present, it appears only U.K.-based Honor owners will be able to claim the skin, and, it's unclear if it will ever be available on the other side of the pond. Completionist fans will definitely want to get their hands on the shin, so Epic Games might need to runa promotion to make it easier for users in the rest of the world.

The deal seems to be similar to what Samsung did with its Note devices. Players who download the Fortnite app on a Samsung Galaxy device can earn an exclusive Galaxy skin with a glider and pickaxe. Fans only had to play a single game on the device to earn the skin, leading many to borrow their friend's devices to snag the exclusive cosmetic.

Honor's phones use pretty much the same hardware as those sold by Huawei, just at a cheaper price point.

Do you want the Honor Guard skin or is it not worth the (potential) trouble? Completionists who are still proud they bought Skull Trooper the first time around are the only ones who should talk in the comments.

Exclusive 'Fortnite' Honor Guard Skin Available for U.K. Honor View 20 Owners | Gaming