'Plus-Size Hooters' Snap Sparks Debate Over Weight—'Hurts My Feelings'

An image alleging the existence of a plus-size Hooters restaurant has split opinion online, despite it not actually being real.

TikTok user Jason Furches shared the image to his account yesterday, showing a group of women lined up in Hooters uniforms. "The world's first plus size Hooters just opened," claimed the on-screen text.

Furches then jokingly filmed himself sliding towards his door wearing Heelys and gesturing for people to hurry up. "On my way to win customer of the year," he captioned the clip.

Despite gaining over 1.2 million likes in just a day, Hooters has not announced an opening of a "plus size" restaurant. Instead, it's likely the image is from a group's fancy dress costume.

As is common with social media, the legitimacy of the claim had no effect on its influence, as users rushed to the comments to debate the usefulness of such a restaurant, and the accepted sizes of Hooters waitresses.

"Something about it having a specific location doesn't sit well with me. They should be able to work at any location," commented one user.

"This lowkey hurts my feelings, why can't I just work at a normal hooters?" asked another.

One account commented: "they should be able to work at ANY location."

Others however argued that despite all sized waitresses working in harmony being ideal, it could potentially harm them instead. "I wish that would work but making it specifically plus size protects the ladies from discrimination from customers," noted one.

"I get what some of y'all are saying about why can't they work at any Hooters but a lot of these ladies would get talked down upon and it's sad," wrote another.

Seemingly, the concerns weren't far from the realities, as comments were filled with negative remarks about the women pictured too. "It's 2021 and y'all still in the comments putting women because of their bodies," wrote one TikTok viewer.

In 2020, Instagram model Stella Williams similarly went viral for accidentally duping her following into thinking she was the world's first plus-size Hooters girl. The model shared an image of her in an Amazon-bought costume, and captioned the post: "Meet the world's first plus-size #Hooters girl."

According to a TikTok post by the influencer, the comments were filled with users asking what location she worked at.

"I did not mean to troll anyone, I was cosplaying, I was fantasizing," she claimed in her TikTok video about the reaction to her photo.

"I was craving representation at Hooters and give a thick b**ch a shot instead of making your shorts even skimpier, that's all I was doing.

"And now, I don't know if it was Halloween or not, but these girls did the damn thing and now there's plus-sized Hooters girl but I'm not one of them."

In recent weeks, Hooters has been at the forefront of attention on TikTok after waitresses took to the app to express their unhappiness at their new, shorter work shorts.

After various waitresses went viral online with their videos showing the shorts and sharing their views that they're too short, Hooters responded by giving waitresses the option to decide whether to wear the new or old shorts.

A spokesperson for Hooters of America said: "As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones.

"They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image."

Hooters restaurant window
ANUARY 12: A general view of Hooters restaurant on January 12, 2007 in Seoul, South Korea. The famous US restaurant is preparing to open for the first time in South Korea on January 18. Getty Images