Horror Writer's Chilling Story About a Man Who Lived in His Bedroom Walls Goes Viral: 'This is Terrifying!'

A horror writer's chilling story about discovering a man was living in his bedroom walls when he was a kid has gone viral.

Grady Hendrix, an American author whose books include Horrorstör and My Best Friend's Exorcism, shared his story on Twitter in a 19-part thread on Tuesday evening. "Everyone's telling scary stories for Halloween so I'll talk about something that happened to me when I was a kid because hey, trauma never gets old," Hendrix wrote.

He revealed that his discovery came about because at the age of nine, he used to sneak downstairs to eat leftovers after his family had gone to bed.

"When I turned 9 I realized I could sneak downstairs after everyone was asleep and eat anything I wanted in the fridge. No one ever noticed!" Hendrix wrote.

He added: "Creeping down was the hardest part. I had to navigate the pitch dark house all the way downstairs in total darkness like a tiny ninja."

Hendrix said that one night in May 1981, he crept downstairs to eat leftover takeout after everyone had gone to sleep. He stepped into the "totally dark den" and let down his guard—until the sounds of a fork clicking on the counter made him freeze.

"The microwave clock light showed the outline of a man sitting at our kitchen counter," he wrote. "He couldn't see me, but I saw him: a skinny guy, eating our leftovers, and drinking our milk from the carton."

Hendrix added: "I can't explain how terrifying it is for someone to BE IN YOUR HOUSE. I slooooowly backed away, crept upstairs, and woke up my mom & dad."

His parents took so long and made so much noise that by the time they reached the kitchen, the man Hendrix had seen was gone. He said his fears were dismissed as he "read too many horror comics" but he began tracking the location of items in his kitchen.

"One day the paper napkin holder was on the wrong side of the counter. Another day a mug was in the sink that was NOT there the night before," he said. Because his bedroom door didn't have a lock, Hendrix said he started sleeping with a steak knife under his pillow.

One night in August that year, Hendrix said he was reading in his bedroom when he looked up.

"There's an A/C vent over my bed. Behind the vent a pair of eyes were watching me," he said. "I freaked & raised hell until my parents searched our attic and the crawl space under our house. Nothing. I wasn't very popular for a few weeks."

But by the end of the month, Hendrix said his house had started to smell, adding: "One night, rice fell out of the vent over my bed. Maggots. The A/C people said something had probably crawled into our vents & died."

It turned out that it was the man Hendrix had seen who had died. "We lived in an old house with lots of space between the walls & big ducts. He'd been living in them since May. At least."

And if that wasn't terrifying enough, Hendrix said the man would place a foam pad beside his bedroom vent to be comfortable when watching him. "The police said he'd made lots of "drawings" but when I asked they pretended they hadn't said anything," Hendrix noted.

The identity of the man was never revealed and he was buried as a John Doe, according to Hendrix. "To this day I can't look inside the vents in houses," he added.

Hendrix's thread has been shared thousands of times, with one person commenting: "Well. I'll never sleep again!" Another added: "This is utterly terrifying and horrifying."

Hendrix himself said he is haunted by the experience, concluding: "Sometimes when I'm at someone's house I'll smell a little BO coming from their central air conditioning, and I'll wonder who's living back there in their ducts. Who's living in the dark?"

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Stock photo: An air duct in a bedroom. A horror writer's chilling story revealed how he discovered a man was living in his bedroom walls. Getty