Hospice Worker Delivers Elderly Woman to Wrong Home

A homeowner got a little more than she bargained for when she opened her door to a "delivery driver," a viral video has revealed.

This driver was not delivering a package, however. He was a hospice worker trying to drop off an elderly woman on a stretcher—to the wrong address.

Footage of the mix-up was captured on a door security camera, with the resulting video uploaded to TikTok by Leanna Marie Garcia.

The mortifying clip, posted under the username @lala_leanna, has been watched more than 5.4 million times since it was shared three days ago.

According to the accompanying caption, Garcia initially thought the man was wheeling a body to her front door, but quickly realized her mistake.

In the video, the hospice worker tells the homeowner that he is "bringing in" the patient.

The woman lying on the stretcher can be heard trying to explain that he has gone to the wrong address. She can even be heard telling him, "This is not my house."

When Garcia confirms that he has made a mistake, the hospice worker apologizes and she closes the door. The video ends with him appearing to mutter "How embarrassing" as he leads the woman away. The video can be viewed here.


I really thought I was getting a bodied delivered to me. she wasn’t deceased though but poor lady it was hot out #foryoupage

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The footage drew contrasting reactions from viewers, with some finding the mix-up amusing while others expressed sympathy for the elderly woman on the stretcher.

Nicolldrc123 wrote, "I can't stop laughing," while TikToker fineassalyssaa found it hilarious that the woman had even told him he was at the wrong house.

Thecraftmother commented: "Being old is so sad. Like imagine being delivered to someone's doorstep by accident. The humiliation LOL."

Eloelie offered a more sympathetic viewpoint: "Oh my goodness that poor old lady. I feel bad for everyone in this situation."

Tay03054 wrote: "This isn't funny at all. That poor beautiful soul. Shame on that man that had her in his care."

Yessicahdz01 agreed: "This is actually kinda sad."

Newsweek has reached out to Garcia for comment on the incident.

The treatment of elderly people was drawn into sharp focus last month when it was reported that a woman in an independent living facility in Georgia died and went undiscovered for three days.

In another disturbing story, the remains of a missing 70-year-old woman from North Carolina were found entombed in concrete in the basement of her former home in August. Her live-in caretaker has been charged with her murder.

A woman in a hospital bed.
Stock image of an older woman in a hospital bed. A video of a hospice worker trying to deliver a patient to the wrong house has been watched more than 5 million times. Halfpoint/Getty