Host Kicks Mom Out After Her Partner Gagged on Homemade 'Dog Food' Chili

A post has gone viral after one Redditor shared their decision to kick their mother out after her partner had a visceral reaction to trying the Redditor's wife's chili.

Redditor U/Practical-Golf-6303 wrote about the occasion on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" in a post that has been voted on over 9,000 times and received over 3,000 comments.

The Redditor explained that they have been estranged from their mother for three years though recently reconnected in an attempt to "fix things." Part of the reason for their estrangement, they wrote, was that the Redditor's wife and mother "hated each other from day one."

They said they can tell their mother is "really trying" though on a recent visit with her partner "Rob," the two couples clashed resulting in the Redditor asking their mother to leave their home.

According to a research project produced "between the U.K.'s University of Cambridge and the non-profit organization, Stand Alone, estrangement from fathers was the most common, and that it tends to last an average of almost eight years," reported VeryWellFamily in December.

Between mothers and adult children, research found, estrangement averages five-and-a-half years.

The article stated there are many strategies to keep in mind when deciding to attempt to rekindle a broken relationship. One of them, the outlet explained, is to determine and think about "intentions" such as, why there is a desire to reconnect and why now?

Redditor U/Practical-Golf-6303 wrote that things went south on the recent visit when before sitting down to eat, the Redditor's wife offered up some chips to dip into the chili she had just completed in the crock pot.

"[R]ob took some and gagged," they wrote. "I don't think he did it on purpose and he seemed embarrassed, but my wife's chili is very sweet."

The Redditor explained that their wife makes her chili a bit different than some might expect including sweet ingredients like maple syrup, chocolate powder, brown sugar and cinnamon.

"My mom laughed which upset my wife because [she] has always been smug about not thinking my wife is a good cook," the Redditor said.

They wrote that her reaction caused their wife to snap at the mother. Rob then excused himself as he looked "ill." The mother followed him to the bathroom and proceeded to bang on the door to be let in.

"He was ignoring her and she started freaking out and said she wanted to be hugged [she has some anxiety and PTSD related stuff and he is her comfort person]. Just as I got to the door to tell her to stop banging Rob let her in and I heard their conversation," the Redditor wrote.

Redditor U/Practical-Golf-6303 said what they heard made them "see red" and led to the decision to tell the mother and Rob to leave.

"Rob was saying they had to get out of here because he can't eat that chili," the Redditor wrote. "My mom was kind of teasing him about aww you didn't like it and telling him she served it with rice with raisins and sugar and a chocolate sauce [a lie], and he said it tasted like dog food with sugar and he was going to have nightmares."

Redditor U/Practical-Golf-6303 said after asking them to leave, the mother said she felt like the Redditor was looking for reasons to "hate her."

"I told her to just go because I was too emotional to talk to her. She left willingly but Rob told me I can't just nitpick and kick her out and then think she is going to want to continue to put work into this relationship," the Redditor wrote.

Though "Am I The A**hole" often results in commenters picking sides on who is the "A**hole" in the situation, some readers seemed focused on the peculiar chili recipe.

"All I got from this is the most jacked up chili recipe ever," said one person in a comment that received 30,000 votes.

"Chili using Buddy the elf's recipe," said another.

While others used the forum to point fingers at the Redditor and their wife for how they reacted to the situation.

Crock pot
A post has gone viral after a Redditor shared their mother's partner's reaction to trying their wife's chili. Here, a stock image shows an image of a crock pot on a counter. Devrim_PINAR/Getty Images

"YTA. That chili sounds disgusting and like it's a dessert [a gross one] not a meal," the commenter wrote. "Were you hoping for this reaction so you could punish your mom. Laughing wasn't the best but I would also refuse to eat that and I literally eat almost everything."

"YTA. You said your mom was trying. Her laugh was probably a nervous reaction to Rob gagging. Rob gags, mom laughs and that sets off you wife? Sounds like your wife is a big part of the problem. She can't accept the fact that she can't cook...," said another.

In the comment section, the Redditor explained the difficult history between wife and mother that might explain why things blew up.

"[I] actually feel sorry for your mom. Your wife's cooking does deserve to be mocked if that's what she is serving to people. And your wife isn't the angel you think she is. She sabotaged the reconciliation," one person wrote.

Newsweek contacted U/Practical-Golf-6303 for comment.