Hot Air Balloon Crashes to the Ground in Terrifying Video: 'Hang on!'

A dramatic video captured the terror of passengers as their hot air balloon plummeted from the sky and hurtled to the ground.

The group in the balloon's basket screamed after a man thought to be their guide shouted, "Here we go! Brace!" as they plunged towards the earth when their daytrip in the skies above Perris, California, went horribly wrong.

"Hang on! Just hang on! Hang on! Everybody hang on!" the guide can be heard screaming as the descent ends with a bang when the basket smashes into scrubland.

The basket is tipped and dragged along by the wind buffeting the balloon, some of the passengers still whimpering as they clung on inside.

"Stay in the basket with me, stay on! Stay on!" the guide calls out as the basket bounces along the ground at speed.

Shaky footage, apparently taken by a passenger, briefly captures the smiling face of a young man holding the camera, before the winds picked up and necessitated a crash landing.

Just moments earlier the balloon had been flying over a residential area, with houses packed below.

No one was injured in the crash, it was reported. It was not clear when the footage was filmed, but it appears to have begun circulating when it was uploaded to TikTok three days ago by passenger Nicholas McCall, who captioned the footage: "My hot air balloon experience was going great until the winds picked up."

In a written post, using the handle @nicktokk_, he added: "Tik tok we are all okay don't delete. #hangon #stayinthebasket #hotairballoon #slam #crash #blowthisup."

It was not known who organized the trip. Newsweek has attempted to contact McCall to find out more.

Hot air balloons
Dramatic footage captured a hot air balloon crash landing in California. Pictured: The King Valley Balloon Fiesta in Wangaratta, Australia, last month. Getty Images

The city of Perris recommends hot air ballooning as a fun activity to enjoy in the area.

Hot air balloon fatalities are rare, but they do happen.

In February 2013, 19 out of the 21 passengers on board were killed when a hot air balloon above Luxor, Egypt caught fire.

More recently, five people were killed after their hot air balloon hit a power line in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last June. After striking the line, the basket the passengers were in completely detached and crashed, according to the city's police department, while witnesses reported seeing the deflated balloon falling to the ground.

In July last year, Newsweek reported how a balloon pilot died after falling out of the basket, leaving three passengers stuck in the air above the town of Bradford in Vermont. They floated for 1.5 miles, before the balloon became stuck in some trees, allowing them to climb down to safety.