Hot Chocolate: Russia's YouTubers Are Setting Candy Bars on Fire to Make a Point

Russia chocolate fire 3
A still from a YouTube video explaining why chocolate is flammable. YouTube/CrazyR132

Russia's YouTube vloggers are setting chocolate bars on fire because they say the country's candy is suspiciously flammable. Now Russian health authorities are investigating.

Rospotrebnadzor, Russia's consumer rights body, has acknowledged the chocolate-burning videos spreading across social media and causing alarm.

Some vloggers reported a plastic-like smell when the chocolate burned and were surprised that it had even caught alight. They also compared brands from different countries.

Rospotrebnadzor said laboratory tests of the chocolate brands used in the videos had been arranged.

But Rospotrebnadzor also noted that food which burns is "a natural physicochemical process, the intensity of which is related to the composition of the product."

"The Office calls on citizens not to trust random sources of information, and in case of doubt as to the quality of food, in particular chocolate, [to let local Rospotrebnadzor departments know so they can investigate]," the statement continued.

Underneath the videos are reams of comments pointing out chocolate contains natural combustables. "Two morons," says one commenter. "Human stupidity is limitless!"

Chocolate bars contain ingredients such as cocoa, sugar, oils and milk powder, which are all flammable. Other vloggers and commenters pointed out this fact.

"I'm horrified that these fools have shown their dullness," says one YouTube commenter. "Burning chocolate at high temperature is not a sign of its poor quality...Pork fat also burns, bread burns, alcohol burns - it does not say that pigs are made of plastic.

"Dry your own shit and set fire to it! Here, too, it will burn and stink like your thoughts and words."