Hotel Where Owner Called Guest 'Dumb Democrat' Flooded With Negative Yelp Reviews

A Michigan hotel, whose owner called a guest an "idiot" and a "dumb Democrat," has been bombarded with negative reviews on Yelp.

The Crown Choice Inn & Suites in Mackinaw City attracted scorn online after a video of an angry man at the hotel's reception desk was shared on Facebook, last week.

Guest Jennifer Biela uploaded the footage on May 20 and said the incident happened over spring break, but that she waited until she felt safe to share the story.

Biela told Newsweek that the confrontation happened after she alerted the owner at the front desk about a toilet that was overflowing and flooding the bathroom of her room.

She added: "He asked me if I shut the valve off to the toilet. I said 'No, I am coming to you for help, the bathroom is literally flooding.'

"He then stated because I refused to shut the valve off, he was calling the police, pressing charges against me for malicious destruction of property and told me to get my stuff and get out."

In the video, the man, who identified himself as the owner, said: "You stop being an idiot and start thinking with your mind, OK? Stop being a Democrat, a dumb Democrat, and go to your room, pack your stuff and leave."

Biela told Newsweek there had been no references to politics in her previous interactions with the owner.

Her Facebook post quickly went viral and has been shared more than 15,000 times and has amassed more than 4,700 comments as of Thursday morning.

In the days after the post was uploaded onto Facebook, a flood of negative reviews were shared on the hotel's Yelp

One post, which included a photo of Lieghio, that was uploaded onto Yelp on May 23, read: "This place is nasty and the front desk is rude. Avoid this place. Do not stay here.

Another added on May 24: "Do we have to give a star? Never seen an owner/operator so rude to customers in a long time. This is no way to run a business.

"I hope you are not in a situation where you have to stay here and put up with this man's horrible attitude and disrespectful way of treating people. There must be other places you could stay."

A third person commented on May 23: "If I could leave 0 stars I would. Yuck. The hotel and the treatment of what they would call 'guests' though it's very clear they don't want you there.

"Rude staff, deplorable hotel conditions. Most of the hotels in this town are owned by the same family, so I suggest a bed and breakfast or AirBnB."

It was unclear whether any of the people who posted recent comments on the Yelp page had visited the hotel.

Newsweek found that reviews on the hotel's page going back to 2017 were mostly negative with people complaining about the alleged lack of cleanliness as well as poor customer service.

The hotel's rating on Yelp stands at one-and-a-half stars following 41 reviews. According to online records, the owner of the hotel is Enzo Lieghio.

Enzo and his brother Joe Lieghio own a number of hotels in the area.

Newsweek has contacted Crown Choice Inn & Suites for comment.

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A family’s trip to Michigan ended in disaster when their hotel bathroom flooded and they were kicked out in the middle of the night after the owner blamed the mother-of-three, calling her a “piece of s**t” and a "dumb Democrat”. Jennifer Biela and Jonesta Kimble